There Is No Death! Groundbreaking Interview With Eleazar Harash On The Secret Of Death

There Is No Death! Groundbreaking Interview With Eleazar Harash On The Secret Of Death

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Here we present an interview with Eleazar Harash on the topic of death and our deceased loved ones.

Since this interview is quite long, note that the first few questions are a ‘warm up’;  for the next 70 minutes the topic is being explored in much depth, and by the end he is answering viewers’ questions, including questions on cremation, suicide, family constellations, traditions, rituals and prayers for our deceased loved ones, and more.

The interview is translated from Bulgarian, and since there are many deviations throughout, the essence is being taken out and published as a transcription here in this article. The video interview is embedded below, so that you can feel the energy and vibe of this incredible spirit.

Due to the mere length of the interview, it will be published on this site in a number of subsequent posts.

* Interview held by Borislav Borisov Portal12

Hello Mr. Harash! In today’s interview, we are covering the topic on death – The secret of death. Where does the root of our fear of death lie? Is it our perception of self? Is it our fear that we are going to lose our self? Is there any individual identity preserved after death?

First of all, we need to distinguish between individuality and personality. There is a higher self and a lower self. The lower self always dies, it will always die. This is where the beauty of death lies –

Death constantly buries the ego until it disappears.

At some point, even the higher self must disappear, so that God can step in. Even the higher self!

Once we merge with God and disappear into him, we preserve our higher self, but in a very special way – in a way that God has decided, no other way. And even though the higher self is a very high goal, compared to merging with God, it is still low enough. If someone, who has achieved their higher self decides that they are invincible, they can push God away, so according to the Atlants, no matter how spiritually advanced one may be, they still need to save themselves from their higher self, so that they can free the space for the ‘eagle’ (Atlants’ name for God), who will engulf them and give them eternal life, an endless life.

Maybe our main fear of death comes from the fact that we lose connection with our relatives, with our loved ones – there is an element of grief coming from the idea that suddenly everything disappears and we cannot preserve it, be it in another realm or even in God. Is there any such danger?

Nothing disappears, it just gets hidden. When someone passes away, they can become hidden for a long time, but those who love each other very much, and those who hate each other vigorously – they will meet life after life. This is because strong hate and strong love means connection. Being indifferent to each other means that they will not meet in this life or another.

Those, who love each other keep meeting life after life, and in each life grow together towards supremacy.

They ‘process’ their past, and the connection grows…. However, this happens with seekers of the Truth… because for the rest… it is a very long journey.

Do reincarnations have an end? If so, this end is also a type of death. Is everything we’ve lived through during our lives preserved into some type of form?

First of all, our reincarnations have an end when we achieve merging with God at a very high level, when we disappear into God, then we have achieved Oneness.

Since the Bible says ‘Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.’, it is not possible to achieve this in one life only, even the saints don’t have this.

Once this disappearance in God is achieved, one can stop reincarnating. If one wishes to, however, they can willingly come back, because of certain souls or souls generally. However, now they are free. And if they come down, there is no ‘birth’. They come down, and then go back to merge with God. They have achieved mindfulness at a very deep level, like Lao Tzu. He doesn’t live on Earth, he doesn’t live in this world. He lives in Dao, he lives in the Truth.

This all leads to my next question. The choice we have for our next reincarnation – some souls don’t have a choice, they are being ‘pushed down’, while others do have a choice. Is this so?

There are very few people, who have the right to choose. The parents they want, the country they wish to live in… These are very spiritually advanced people, occultly inmost people. They don’t reincarnate to play, to just do something…. They come down to serve God. They also have the right to choose rich parents if they wish so, so that they don’t need to work for survival, so that they can dedicate their life to something deeper, which is – serving others. This is still a sacrifice, even though they have freedom, these are extremely advanced people (the ones who have the right to choose their parents).

The rest – they have no choice, they need to go wherever they are being sent. Furthermore, there are some people who are being sent to certain parents, and the soul feels that these parents are enemies from past lives… this is when there is an abortion, because the soul runs away. It doesn’t want to go into that family, but the second time they push the soul back down, because there are relationships from the past that need to be resolved, and it cannot run.

A few days ago I had a dream, which was possibly in relation to this interview. Are there guardians when the soul leaves the material body? What are these guardians?

There are guardians. First of all, the soul, and the spirit are guardians, in the most pure way. We are talking about the higher self, the higher perception of the soul here. Also, there are guardian angels, but also sometimes the soul itself plays the role of a guardian angel.

Guardians are also all other souls, who love us.

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These are spiritually advances brothers, masters, and so on. However, we also have very strong enemies. This is why it is a very bad thing to kill a prisoner, for example, who is a big enemy of yours, because in the invisible world, this prisoner becomes an unleashed beast. I am talking about an enemy with an extremely strong will. He will be able to obsess other people, look for you and hate you through others. This enemy can even enter into a snake, and this is why snakes sometimes bite under the influence of a human soul with very strong will. This is something invisible to the naked eye… but those who love the invisible world, and those who have dedicated themselves to seeking the truth…one such person sees these things very clearly. Usually I don’t talk about these things, but now I have decided to share.

Is there a certain danger for the soul, when it leaves the body? Can it be ‘abducted’ by other beings? Because there are such theories… By beings with impure intentions… Could this happen?

Of course.

For example, criminals, alcoholics… They do these things, because lower beings from the invisible world are making them drink. The Master (Master Beinsa Douno) says… ‘They drink, your soul pays the bill.’

Their aim is to steal this person’s energy after death, because they feed on energy.

In this way, they abduct one’s soul, but the strongest, the most dangerous abduction… this is something that may even not be told… but because of the people, because of the Truth… I will share it here… The worst thing is when someone is both violent and a liar. In this case, it is even worse than abduction. This type of person, will not only have their soul stripped down, but often they will be stuck in the coffin, and they won’t be able to move, and their nails, hair, will keep growing for a long time… This is even worse than someone who has committed suicide… Suicidal deaths have a very hard fate as well, but this is even worse. They bring the soul back to the dead body, to the cage, to the prison. In a way, it is better that such people don’t hear all this, but on the other hand… it is better that they do, because some of them may give up lying, they may give up their violence. Because if they can really comprehend what is awaiting them…. A very hard fate!

According to some mystics, a person leaves bits of their soul in the most crucial moments of their life. Is this is so? Does the soul break into bits, into portions and moments of our lives before death, and do we have the task to bring it all together before we leave this world?

Whoever has the ability to concentrate and pull oneself together (concentration means compression, putting oneself together), they remember all important, crucial things. They remember their mistakes, so that they don’t repeat them. This is why in the invisible world, they are able to go through everything, so that they advance in the next reincarnation, so that they grow from their mistakes and become stronger in advancing through following the Path.

Are there situations in which one is NOT able to pull their soul together, and what happens then?

The wandering mind is a scattered soul.

The man living in their lower self thinks about so many things, that their mind goes into one direction, the heart into another, the will goes into a third direction. And this is how things keep going for them after death. This is why it is important to practice concentration exercises. Thus, when you have an important problem to solve, you can pull yourself together and concentrate into God!

When I have had serious attacks by organs of the state, I have stayed in concentration for eleven hours. This is a practice. I never fight them, never hate them, never criticize them. I only say ‘God, show them Justice.’ And there is nothing else I want… And I better not say what this has resulted in….

How is it best for a man to die? Immediately, in a dream, concentrating on a thought?

The best way is… as Japanese say ‘kannagara’ – in the Stream Of God. There, you are light, you are mindful, you are into oneness, and in this type of death there is something beautiful, something pleasant, something bemused.

There is also another beautiful way that people don’t understand: when the last few years of a person’s life are extremely difficult, when they are being tortured by disease, for example… then God takes them, but for 2-3 years they cannot walk, they cannot talk, they live in extreme hardship. I know such people, I visited a home for the elderly with 61 such people with disabilities, with no legs… I remember that I gave them about 10 sacks of books, because when they read, they forget the body… they were very happy with the books…

So, it is a good thing to live in this hardship for a few years, so that they promise to God – but so that they promise many times (like it happened with my mother) – that they are going to dedicate their next life to God. She promised she will be a nun, that she will not be deaf any more… she believed, and this is how she was growing into God, because if she was to die in a short period of time, she would not have been able to accumulate this extreme will for God. So, this hard death is a beautiful one. In the end, she died in prayer, in her sleep, calmly, pleasantly, she knew that she was going to die – beautiful!

What I mean is, there is a different approach to death.

I also wish to tell you something that is a very deep truth:

We are immortal and there is nothing we can do about this! Nothing!

This has already been decided, it is a finished fact. The only question is whether we are mindful about it, whether we realize that we are souls. We are even something more than being immortal! It has come a lot later. Even later has come death. We are spirits, we are ancient! We are not even from the past, we come from ancient times!

The main things I am going to present on death are again from the Master Beinsa Douno, because he is my measure.

And this is a measure, larger than the World, and the Universe, and the other world… This is why we go with Him…

The Master says: ‘A person lives after death.’

‘Life never ends, but temporarily stops its activity and transfers to another consciousness.’

This means that when one’s time is over, it is over – they have planted in their past lives how much they are going to live… if they have done a lot of bad things and crimes…

Furthermore, a person dies, because their development has halted. They don’t have conditions for further growth. By the way, this is also why some people divorce. Because there is no growth with each other. So they seek another person… Some people call it cheating… but they are looking for another way to advance. Still, there is something people don’t understand, because whoever seeks God, they keep advancing under all circumstances.

‘Death is setting oneself free from the human nature. The ego, mostly from the ego.’

What is the condition of the ones who have passed away?

The master says…

‘There are no dead people. Dead people are alive. Life after death is not a life of dead people.’

It is a life of freedom, but again this depends. Because the freedom of an alcoholic, or a criminal… in the other world they are still in a prison, but they cannot kill because they don’t have a physical body. However, they can attack others in their dreams. The dead criminal himself is going through a lot of tension and hardships. These hardships cannot kill his soul, but there is torture, which means that he is not free.

‘Death is a way to gain purity by clearing all old ways, which we should get rid of. There is no life after the grave, because there is no grave.’

Those who have passed away can go into ones conscious or subconscious mind, and some people say that dead people don’t write letters. The Master says

‘They write letters every day!’ They enter one’s consciousness, they don’t write letters with their hands, but I know people, who didn’t believe in this, but someone we knew passed away and there were some documents that were lost and no one could find. Then the dead person entered her mind and told her exactly where the documents were. Then she comes and tells me ‘Now I believe!’

Deceased ones can help a lot, but also they can harm someone if they have a very strong will, and also they can hate a lot.

There is such case in Germany: the father calls for the spirits of deceased ones… this is very dangerous, because the person doing this should be extremely pure…So this person calls the deceased one… He comes, talks with the father, but then the father cannot push him away, back to the other world… Because the deceased one has a very strong will. First, the father goes mad, and after him 10 other relatives of his. My point is, this is something very dangerous to do. Especially for people, who have not achieved a high level of purity, who haven’t overcome temptations.

Someone who has purity can call God, and then let him leave with freedom. You call God – and here is the power, the energy… But an ordinary person…. It is better not to go into these realms until they reach purity at a very deep spiritual level.

You think that you live. This is also under question,

the Master says. There are a lot of ‘living’ people, who are actually dead. These are the people who tell lies, the people of hate, the people of violence… They move, so others think that since they move, they are alive. For example, a Buddhist monk in meditation can look like a dead person. No such thing! He is alive, and the others are moving dead.

It is full of dead people in this world, and not only are they dead…. There are souls of dead people that obsess them.

How does thinking of our deceased relatives affect them? How does it affect their souls and us?

When you think with a beautiful, deep feeling for the deceased one… first, the deep feeling is always right, it is а powerful element in Nature. When you send love, there is no distance between you and your loved one, but this power helps them grow. People die, because they don’t know the Truth. Because they don’t have full consciousness of the Truth. They talk, but they always let the wrong words slip, they don’t know what they want to say. Because they haven’t lived this, they just quote something.

What do the Atlants say about the word ‘journey’?

The word journey means to start from the ordinary person in yourself and travel towards the enlightened person in yourself.

Or, paraphrasing this – to start from the periphery and reach your center. This is a real journey, everything else are some ordinary travels…

‘For the person who lives with God, there is no death now, or after, or ever…’

This person goes down, then back up in the other world – such kind of person is absolutely mindful. However, ordinary people, who have lost part of their consciousness… (still, in the Atlantis [there will be another interview published on this])

‘You can live without body’, the Master says, ‘In the same way in which you can go out of your house. When I go out of my house – am I dead?’

‘It is a great illusion when a murderer believes they have killed.’ One can never kill one’s spirit and soul, whatever you do.

The Toltecs call the spirit free wind – can you kill the wind?

It’s like trying to kill water, or kill the sun…

‘Death sets the righteous one free, but it doesn’t set the sinful one free.’

The sinful ones from one prison to another. From one cage, to another. The sinful one goes into the astral world, not into the spiritual world.

So he awaits for a reincarnation… But two thousand of years could pass and there could be no parents, who wish to accept this soul. The ordinary reincarnation happens in 45 years, but there are cases when it happens in 6 months. But under certain circumstances, it can also happen in 3 months – when the soul needs to quickly pay off its karma. And when the soul is meant to go back to its relatives very fast.

When we reincarnate before our relatives do, does this mean we will not meet again?

I know about such a case, the son of someone I know, who was a drug addict. A very silent boy, but he passed away because of his addiction. Then he reincarnated in her daughter. She doesn’t know this and the family shouldn’t know, because the soul has been given a second chance, and it shouldn’t remember its past mistakes.

The main thing that most people want to know is whether they will be reunited with their loved ones.

Everyone who love each other in a more spiritual way will always meet, they will always continue their relationship at a higher level. The condition is that they must love God first, and then he will be the third in-between, and this love is going to grow from reincarnation to reincarnation.

Still there are other people, who have been brought together, but they cannot stand each other, they hate each other, even fight, but they cannot separate, because their karma does not allow this. These are old enemies brought together, so that they can solve their past lives. However, since there is no true love in-between, they both love and hate each other, and still cannot live without each other. I know such a case, this lady’s husband died, and even though she couldn’t live with him, she was finding it hard to live without him either.

What about the most sacred things that happen between two souls during their life. Is this preserved somewhere?

In the hidden monad, the secret atom in the soul, where everything is concentrated. This is where a person preserves all their qualities and abilities. This is where the most sacred moments, the moments that have built the real relationship, the karmic relationship are preserved.

We cannot choose our friends, our relatives, there is no such thing as choice in this life. We have all planted these relationships in our past lives.

What do the angels do? They enter the people, who have common karma. God allows this. The angels of fate go into people, and they fall in love with each other. And the woman says: this is the one! Karma wants them to be together. And the man says ‘She is very beautiful, she is so pleasant.’ And while the angels are inside, they both think they cannot live without each other… When the angels step away and a few years pass… The man says… ‘She’s a devil!’

However, if they advance spiritually, if they are seekers of Truth… In a spiritual love, in a spiritual relationship, every day gets better and better, they grow in this love. God guides them, God participates in this relationship, because they have devoted their life to God. And really, when such people live together, they live with God in each other. Every day is more beautiful than the last one, because the relationship is spiritual, it is a sacred relationship, or even Godly.

To be continued…

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