The Deeply Spiritual Perspective On Love, Relationships, Family And Children Upbringing: Interview With Eleazar Harash Part 2

The Deeply Spiritual Perspective On Love, Relationships, Family And Children Upbringing: Interview With Eleazar Harash Part 2

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This is the second part of the interview on a topic that most of us need more light shed on – spiritual love, spiritual relationships and families.

To have a full understanding of the topic, please review Part 1 here.

A question on the process of children upbringing… Since each family is a closed society of its own, which should be the keys in the search of the Divine. Should we keep this family circle closed, or we should give entire freedom to our children?

It is extremely hard for people to give complete freedom. But this is the best thing to do. I will explain. Giving complete freedom means giving complete trust. You already give something from God. When there is complete trust, there will also be complete friendship. But still, you need to pray for your children. For example, ‘God you lead my child on the right path.’ ‘God, you teach my child.’  Another short prayer ‘God, you fortify yourself in my child.’ If this happens, everything else will come into place.

So, to sum up – prayers, trust, and right conversations.

You shouldn’t treat them differently, because they are a child. This child may be an old soul. You don’t know, in many aspects this soul may be a lot more experienced than yourself.

And maybe this prayer, calling on God to look after the child is the key to eliminating fear in parents. Most parents live in constant fear and anxiety for their children. They constantly fear things like car accidents, how they will perform in school, or how successful they will be as they grow up.

Worrying is a quality of the mind. This is the lower self, the fallen self, which worries under all circumstances. The ordinary person cannot live without worrying, he doesn’t have a choice. But when the person trusts the child, loves them, and prays for them, and thinks right thoughts (according to God’s laws)…

It is not just to believe in your child. You can believe in your child and still not trust them. You need to have complete trust in your child.

Whoever worries all the time doesn’t have real faith, let alone trust. Worrying should die. The truly spiritual person knows no worrying. He lives in the stream of God, where you cannot worry even if you want to.

Let me say a few more important things about children.

Most importantly, children must be taught on special love towards the Truth.

It is extremely important to teach the child how to talk, how to stay in silence, how to pray, and how to value God. Why? Because in time, Truth will lead the child straight into the arms of God. No devils, no demons will be able to touch the child. He or she will be protected by God’s aura.

In the past, the methods to achieve this often was asceticism, however, today we live in an area of technologies, where our children’s minds are constantly busy. Is it possible to save them from all this and ensure them a path towards the spiritual, if you could give us some examples please.

First of all, in the past and now, there has been a huge misunderstanding in relation to asceticism. Monasteries are full of cunning people, who have escaped the world. There are certain monks, who separate from others not to run away from the world and from difficulties, but to devote their life to God. Maybe three people out of 100 do this. What does Buddha say? Who is a monk? If you are severely honest with yourself and if you have special love towards Truth, you are in the monastery, the world is a monastery. If you are not honest, even if living in a monastery, you are no monk. It is as simple as that.

So, going back to the question on children – is it worth it limiting their access to technologies, since most children today are dependent on laptops, smart phones, etc. Can there be a balance between technologies which constantly keep our minds busy, and the spiritual?

It is not a balance exactly… Again we get to the point of trust. If your child is driven towards technologies, there is hidden beauty in this too. First, the children become very receptive, they observe a lot of view points. Again, the answer is to pray for the child… ‘God, you lead my child, I have full trust in you.’ The child has its own path, he or she will develop certain qualities using these technologies. By praying like this, the child will develop a view point that will lead them to God.

The aim is that the child starts understanding the unwritten laws…

they lie in the pure heart. The pure heart is a secret science. 100 monasteries, 100 sacred books do not have the value of one pure heart. The pure heart is such a secret science, that you can even stun God himself (with your pure heart). This is an extremely rare thing in the world. It takes a lot of effort, it is hard to achieve.

Something else about children…

Children are called the flowers of the Earth.

Nowadays, the relationship between parents and children is mostly mind-centered, more or less soul-centered, while the right kind of relationship should be based on wisdom. But when the parent does not possess wisdom… At least they can pray.

I will say something about deeds. Again, we’ll begin with what the Master says.

In the material world, a man’s biggest asset is their pure deeds. Not thoughts, not feelings, their pure deeds.

The good deed has a sign – it brings peace and serenity to the soul.

You receive a silent, a deep kind of peace. There is a wonderful formula for people who worry a lot. You say calmly and slowly:

‘In my soul reigns great serenity.’ – and you imagine an absolutely still sea. Your heart is a sea.

And there is an amazing saying as well. ‘When the sea is still, ants go out to drink water.’

Look at the beauty of this metaphor!

When Love visits a person, it will teach them how to treat all people.

The spiritual, sacred, and divine Love.

There are a lot of signs in life that show people have had relationships between them from the past; from past lives.

Sometimes you live with someone for 20, for 50 years, and you still cannot trust them completely. Yet, you meet another person, and immediately you have complete trust in them. How does this happen? Trust cannot be built in one life. You need to earn it.

Once you lose the trust of a person, even if you become a saint, they will not believe you again. It is already lost.

In this very same logic, let us bring the topic back to the family. When trust is lost between members of family, is there anything that can fix what has been broken? Is there forgiveness in this very same lifetime?

There is forgiveness, but it doesn’t help. If a person doesn’t pull themselves together and doesn’t devote their life to God and to Truth, in an exceptional, in an extraordinary way, even if you keep forgiving them your whole life… they will still be a broken jug.

The Master says,

‘The biggest mistake you make is repeating your sins.’

Yes, repeating sins fortifies them. This is a person who doesn’t learn. This is why there is a disciple. The disciple is one who learns. There are disciples, who learn slowly… Others more quickly… They have worked in the past, and when they make just one mistake, they will not repeat it until the end of their life. Sometimes even the higher beings arrange circumstances in a way that a mistake happens between two people, especially between loved ones. This happens, so that the disciple doesn’t think they are flawless, and so that they become more humble, and so that they keep working on themselves, rather than start considering themselves an authority. Humility is another secret science, like the pure heart. The master says ‘Humility, the first quality of the White Brotherhood.’  Humility and pure heart…

So, in the case when higher beings initiate a sin into a family, who bears the karma?

Each person carries their own karma. The ordinary person, whether they have a family or not, whether they sin or not… they will be in the system of evil… they will always be attacked by lower beings, by fallen spirits, because they have not made the right choice. They have not chosen righteousness. This is why it doesn’t matter that much if the ordinary person sins often or not. Either way, they are in the system of evil.

Only the divine morality gives the measure of things.

It is an art to know how to help. The Master says:

‘When you do good, have you asked God?’

You don’t know the consequences… you may do a ‘good’ deed, and there may be awful consequences, while you can do a ‘bad’ thing, which results in wonderful circumstances.

The secret of the deeds is in the hidden intention. The hidden intention shows, who is pure hearted.

There is ‘good’ with bad consequences, and there is ‘bad’ with good consequences. The best, of course is a good deed with good consequences.

Spiritual relationships lift people up, while the physical ones bring them down.

Al Rabia, a great sufi of wisdom was once called by a monk to go out and see the beauty of nature, while she was praying in her cell. What she replied was… ‘What nature, what flowers, come here and see the Creator.’

To the pure Love, God gives quiescence.

This is one of the signs that you have real love. Not peace, not serenity, but quiescence. Peace is when you have mastered your mind. Serenity is given to the soul. The higher soul has serenity. Quiescence is the highest level, this is pure spirit.

God is the giver of true Love.

There are people who seek true Love. If they don’t find God, they will be disappointed. They will seek it, but they will not receive it. Or they will receive just a piece of it, because they have sought a lot. But God is the measure. God is the giver. God is true Love itself.

This Love is something you can never get enough of. It is endless. This is your initial wholeness.

Apollonius of Tyana, a great Master says:

‘I only drink one elixir. The elixir of true Love.’

He has achieved it in himself.

Lao Tzu says ‘Dao is not educated, it is transcendent. ‘

While the higher levels of Toltecs have saved themselves from all types of education, they have merged into God. In 7th and 8th level, they have become gods. This is where the true path leads… Not towards education. In the 8th level there is something even deeper, they have given up bliss and wholeness. Why? God is beyond any wholeness. This is why The Master says:

Love has a deeper mission than bliss.

Some think that bliss is the end goal. No. Love is deeper.

In God, in Truth, there is no human nature, it is the Kingdom of God.

That was it, if you have any questions…

Since the standard education isn’t the key to real things in life, then what should one concentrate on to educate themselves, especially the kids?

Kids, with no exception, need to be taught how to pray from a very young age.

This is the first step that will eliminate hard karma and will help the children to start thinking in a righteous way. When they enter righteousness and Love, there is no karma any more. Love has no karma. Love has no fate. Prayer is the first thing to learn in God’s language. The beginning.

I personally know that if a person doesn’t love prayers, even if they are very successful in life, this will turn around one day. While, when you have difficulties, but you have undertaken the right path, you are going to rationalize the hardships.

The wise man rationalizes hardships and turns them into gems.

Except for educating children into prayer, what other guides they could have?

Prayer is just the beginning. Another important thing is for you to speak with great care, without underestimating the child. This is an old soul, an ancient soul standing in front of you, something deep (the child). In many aspects the child may be superior than you. I have spoken to many kids, and we have always talked as equals. We are equals. Deep in our essence. We immediately became friends. This is how trust is formed. When you speak righteously to the child, he or she develops a view point, which is unbreakable. They adopt a right approach. But again, you need to be a righteous person yourself. Or, at least take on this path.

Now the viewers ’questions

What is the difference between criticism and making a remark in relationships and towards kids? (in previous interviews it was emphasized criticism is not allowed)

First, I would like to confess that I used to criticize too. I didn’t know the difference. But I trained specifically for that, for two years, because God says, ‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged.’

You never know the deep reasons for someone else’s behavior. You give opinions, but there is a huge difference between opinion and wisdom.

In the beginning, when I was training to eliminate criticism, I stopped criticizing on the outside, but I kept doing it in my inner dialogue. This is still criticizing. At first I could succeed for two days, for four days, nine days. In the first year, my record was 58 days. And then the second year, I had a full year of no criticism, and then you become unable to criticize.

What is a remark? The remark is told in the law of Love. There you speak precisely, mildly, righteously, there is no karma.

Criticizing, the Master says, means that you are throwing stones at yourself.

A remark is told in the law of Love, with a mild and righteous tone. Sometimes a strict tone is allowed, so that you awaken something in the person. A wise person has the measure. This is how you actually help. But this has nothing to do with criticism, this is the law of Love. This is when the other person remains calm, and they are receptive to what you are telling them. When you truly make a remark in the law of Love, this is a gesture towards the other person’s soul. Because then you do it out of love of souls. I am not talking about people’s minds. I am talking about souls, and only where there are conditions to help a soul grow.

Can a woman and a man who have been together in a past life, meet again, and reconnect in some way in this life?

It depends. First case scenario is when they need to meet, because they have unfinished business together from their past lives. Whether they can stand each other or not, this doesn’t matter, they need to repay their karma towards each other. The situation may be difficult if one of them has taken the path of righteousness, and the other hasn’t. In this case this person can pray, and say things like ‘God, You be between us.’ ‘God, make our relationship a sacred one.’ God, please help us. When these prayers come from the heart, there will be an improvement in the relationship.

Second case scenario is they won’t meet, but they may meet after a few lifetimes. Because there are no suitable parents for the soul, there are no conditions. There are no spiritual conditions.

What is the spiritual meaning of conditions? It means the higher beings that take part in a situation. This is not just a word. When there are conditions, the right parents come along, and then they may meet again. But when there are no such conditions, they may meet in 100, in 200 years.

Osho mentions a dynamic meditation, in which a person removes certain people from their life from time to time. For example, when the honeymoon of a relationship is over, then people get bored of each other, and end it. What is your opinion about this?

First, when I hear ‘honeymoon’, I laugh, because life in Truth is a honeymoon all life long. Your whole life is a bliss, because your whole life you are dedicated to God. So, there is no ‘honeymoon’ as such, this is a huge limitation.

Back to the question about ending relationships. Again, this is about having wisdom and the ability to make a difference. There are cases when you should stay with a person, no matter how hard that is, because patience, the Master says is the strength of Love. Having patience with such a person, you overcome the evil in them and you overcome the evil in yourself. You overcome your mind, you overcome your loathing.

Here a lot of people will be shocked.

They will be shocked, but I haven’t even started talking yet.

However, there are other cases – the other side of the coin. When they have to separate. When one person has proved their patience, but when they see there is no more growth. When there is too much distress, and the person wants to work on themselves sacredly, spiritually, then they have to part. When a person becomes a spiritual, a godly being, in time they will start attracting people with the same type of karma, and no one will be able to mess with their consciousness and spiritual growth. Because they have developed certain qualities within themselves. They don’t get easily insulted, they are spiritually stable.

What does Mr. Harash  think about gay relationships?

Let us give them freedom, let us not judge them, let us not be rude towards them. Because they can still find the path towards Truth slowly, in their own way. Sometimes a gay relationship may provide growth that other relationships don’t.

In case of extreme loneliness a person can become so desperate, so that they commit suicide, which is an even worse thing to happen for a soul.

Let us not judge.

Theft, lies, cheating, violence in relationships. How do we grade them as sins and how do we overcome them?

The first one is lying.  This is the worst one, it is a double sin, the Master says. If you tell a lie, there is no redemption in this life. You make a hole (in your spiritual body) and you will be facing health problems in your next life. While in this life you can say ‘God forgive me, I sinned in front of the great Truth.’ This is the rule. But still, you will not be forgiven. Lying is unacceptable. The Master says, all other sins more or less can be forgiven. Lying – never.

Theft has two sides. It can be physical, but when you are stealing someone else’s feelings, when you are stealing his progress, this is spiritual theft, there is no forgiveness. God’s rigor will pour onto you. God is unconditional. No one can ridicule a person and their soul.

And cheating… When you cheat, you mostly cheat on yourself. You have already planted something, which you will have to repay both on the physical level (as disease), and spiritually.

Violence… I talked about this in the other interview… Especially a combination of lying and violence… When such people die, they are stuck in their body for a long time, and a very hard life is awaiting them in the next reincarnation. This is why I am saying this, so that people can make conclusions until there is still time.

I am sure that at least some of the people, who have also watched the previous interview ‘The Secret Of Death’ will give some good thought to all of this. And all those who are reading this interview right now, and who realize the sins they have done in their past – what should they do?

First is the prayer. Love for the Truth, and mastery over words (what they say). How do you speak? The way you speak, the way you think shows what you are planting. When you start from here, and you are persistent, you will be led to the right people and teachings to lead you. And most importantly, you will be perceiving the teachings in the right way.

Most importantly, first is the Truth, second is your own interest. If you replace these two, if you put your interest in the first place, you are already in the grave. First is Truth, and then of course your own profit comes as well, because God starts helping you.

(He also explains how he has been giving lectures for 35 years, in very hard conditions, being prosecuted by communist government etc. He has been offered to give his lectures in the UK, for $3000 per hour, but he denied, as he would never do this for money. He gives away his wisdom as the spirit leads him. His lectures are all published in books, most of which are still in Bulgarian only.)

I have lived with 250 BGN (about 136 USD) per year. I don’t know if you understand what I am saying.

Because when you feed yourself on Love, on God, on fresh air, on your Love towards the Master, towards the Word, towards God. They give you such fullness that there is very little left for food. Very little.

Let’s hope more people give deeper thought to all this that you are sharing with us. To finish off the topic on relationships, I would like to ask… Is it possible that when a woman and a man meet, and then have a child… that their meeting was BECAUSE of that child. So that this soul could come down to Earth. In other words, can the meeting of a man and a woman be caused by events that have already happened in the future?

Not in the future, but events that have happened in the inner plan, in God’s plan. In God there is no future. The future itself is a wrong goal.

You need to believe in God, in Truth. In God’s plan. You don’t need a future.

The future means you have been misled by your mind. Your mind believes in future and past, because it cannot live in the present. God is always in the present. He is here. God is here now and always. If you believe God is next to you, he is… If you don’t believe, he is still next to you.

Back to the question, whether two people meet so that conditions can be made for the children to come to this Earth… We are not talking about attraction here… We are talking about karma that has attracted these two people. They have to come together, fate has put them together, and when there is a big family, with many kids, these are all souls, who are past friends or past enemies, the Master says. So that they can solve issues from their past lives. In the name of growth. Whether they realize this, whether they will seek Truth and Wisdom… this is… freedom.

The important thing is they have all been brought together under the laws of God’s plan. In the name of growth.

And the final question, those who have decided to follow deep spiritual growth and devote themselves to God, but they have a family, they have kids, should they withdraw, and live in celibacy towards the end of their life?

Whoever has chosen growth in a deep, true way, cannot be hindered by anything. Someone may go in a monastery and fail spiritually. It is an inner question. Now, nowadays, the monastery is inside of you.

You can use your relationship to see how you speak; whether you speak the truth; whether you speak truthfully with your children; whether you are a deep friend of them; whether you underestimate them, because you have no right to do that.

Your love towards your family, your approach is what matters. And you don’t need to withdraw or go celibate. If you want to run away somewhere… Run into God.

To feel the incredible radiance and devotion of this soul, here is the original interview: