Learn The ONE Secret To Experience True Love!The Deeply Spiritual Perspective On Love, Relationships, Family And Children Upbringing

The Deeply Spiritual Perspective On Love, Relationships, Family And Children Upbringing: Interview With Eleazar Harash Part 1

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This interview with Eleazar Harash covers a topic that excites many people in an era of relationship crisis. It covers the topic on love, family and relationships, and raising children, looking at it from a spiritual perspective.

The video is included so that you can feel the energy and vibe. Please scroll down for the full transcript in English..

Good day Mr. Harash. After the more in-depth interviews on death, and the Atlantis, we are going to cover a topic, which is still an important aspect in life that is closely connected with everything else – the topic on love and relationships. Let us start with this: which is this one profound thing, which makes people seek each other and create a family?

Seeking is a very important thing, but the Master has once said, before seeking other people, you must have first sought God, because He gives the measure.

If one hasn’t first learned to love God in the right way, he won’t be able to love others either.

Therefore, it is good to redirect one’s seeking. Whoever has found God is going to love people in the right way. He or she will love themselves in the right way. They will have the right kind of relationship with their heart – the Atlants say – ‘One has to put a wise man in their heart.’ Seeking this kind of immaculacy gives one a completely different approach to relationships.

Following this logic, maybe this is the way a person can experience a true, deep human love, which can result in a truly stable family. If they have spent some time in celibacy, solitude, and in search of God.

Yes. True love is when God takes part. If God isn’t between people… This is why, again, we reach this… First comes God, and then he we will be the third one in-between a couple. There is no way a true love can exist without Him, because God Himself is true Love.

So, first we will talk about the approach, and then will explain what kind of a thing is the woman, what kind of a thing is the man… Because we need to know what we form relationships with.

Before we move on deeper into the topic, I would like to draw the attention to something else – today we can observe that most people have numerous relationships, quickly changing partners – doesn’t this in a way exhaust some kind of a ‘reserve’ of feelings and emotions, which in turn leads to absolute impossibility for one to find the right person after a certain period of time.

When the person himself (herself) hasn’t become ‘the right person’, it is not just exhaustion, but they spoil their life, they spoil their partner. Whoever has pushed God away….

The big mistake people make is that they have started trying to live without God, and to form some form of relationships, which cannot be real without Him. God is the foundation.

OK, now… First I wish to say that when people have lost the approach (the approach is primary), relationships have come. What is the difference? The approach is from the Spirit (the pure Spirit), relationships come from the mind. The mind is a failure. Relationships teach you, the approach changes you.

In relationships, where the mind acts, a person says ‘yes, yes’ but they don’t take note, they don’t change. The approach is something else, the approach means change. The approach is ancient, and it is uncreated. Those, who have had the approach, have heard the ancient voice, and those who have lost the approach, have become fate. The word fate comes from ‘judge’, ‘judging’. Fated humanity. The approach is something deeper than the experience. It is deeper than the world. The approach means love towards The Ancient (The Creator). The approach is occult wisdom, while the experience is something which takes a long time to mature.

Can we also say that the approach is connected to our intuition and make the connection here to the choice of the right person for us.

It does have to do with intuition – ‘in tao’ means the inner God. When we have chosen God, we have chosen something more than ‘the right’ person or thing. This is when God is going to choose our path, our fate, and this is when it even doesn’t matter whether you have a person next to you or not… You are going to have God. Whoever has God as a friend, they raise above all things.

The approach is a gleaming guide, while the ordinary person has no idea where they guide themselves. The pure approach exceeds all methods and techniques. Because it is Love, not some type of technique. When the spirits lost the approach, they have become humans. The fall – from a spirit, becoming a human.

Here I would like to explain something about the woman, because this is a huge topic. I would like us to explore what ancient masters and wise man say on this topic.

What is she? The ancient Tot says:

‘The woman is an ancient flame of Love, coming from the great Creator.  When this flame has come down, it has become a woman.’

‘The woman is another name for the soul-goddess.’

‘The woman is a glitter from the ancient fire, from God himself. ‘

‘The initial woman was created as endless exhalation.’

‘She is a great soul, a goddess who has come down.’

‘She is a great mystery. There are a few types of women. A spiritual woman; a Godly woman; and an earthly woman, an ordinary one.’

Let’s explain the difference. The spiritual woman lives through the power of the mystic fire. The Godly woman has returned to God, she is not looking for anything else. While the ordinary woman has dispersed her fire through her earthly desires. She herself is scattered. She cannot pull herself together, because she thinks about survival, children, problems, she has lost something essential. The real woman lives through the glitter of her ancient fire.

‘The woman is a temple, which has come down from the ancient soul of God himself.’

‘She is a mystery. She was created for the gods, not for people. This is why people don’t have the right approach towards her.’

‘The initial woman is a higher soul, consisting of a sun.’

Here I will add something else. For God, it is a lot easier to create the world. But when he was creating the soul, there is a secret creation of the soul… It was created by very special, very condensed sun beams. This is why the gods are stunned.

When gods saw her for the first time, they were wonderstruck, because she was something from the secret of God.

In these ancient times the meeting of souls was the meeting of suns.

This is to visualize where spiritual relationships lead to. And if a person doesn’t have this kind of outlook, all of his other outlooks…

And the Master says…

‘The soul is from higher worlds, we have no idea about.’

‘The greatest expression of Love is the eternal soul.’

‘The soul reveals the endlessness of Love.’

‘Love reveals the One, who is great love Himself – God.’

‘Only the enlightened ones know the soul, others seek it or talk about it.’

If you ask me, I have seen the soul more than six times. Two times of people, who have passed away, four times of living people, which is absolutely stunning, but it has no explanation.

The soul is not entirely non-material. It weighs 33 grams. Extremely delicate.

While the pure spirit is completely non-material. And because it is too delicate, the soul was created as an intermediary. Through the intuition, the spirit enters the soul, and then the soul transmits towards the pure heart whatever needs to be transmitted.

What does Orpheus say about love?

‘Love is the hymn of the ancient times.’

‘My feelings are flowers.’

‘Love turns the heart into a benign river.’

‘Love is a mighty goddess, but to whoever doesn’t understand Love, she brings death.’

‘Whoever understands Love gains eternal impetus. Eternal flight towards God.’

‘Love is created like a door towards God himself. And the woman can ignite this striving towards God.’

The woman is no slave, she wasn’t created for inferior goals. She is a door towards God himself. For whoever appreciates and understands correctly.

Orpheus also says:

‘Your love is a flame, more dangerous than any weapon. It can cut both through darkness and through light.’

‘Even the most ancient and darkest chaos knows nothing about the origin of Love. ‘

‘Whoever abuses Love, meets firmness – the other face of God. Some call it severity, but God is not severe. It is firmness, because it is righteousness.

The man is another mystery, but only if he knows himself as pure spirit.

This pure spirit is great wisdom.

The word spirit means absolute wisdom. Only it can penetrate into the secrets of God. The soul cannot do that.

Can we say that there is no balance between the man and the woman on their path from our materialistic existence to their spiritual growth? Does the man or the woman hold higher responsibility in the process of returning to our Godly nature?

Great responsibility is everywhere. The man has a huge responsibility towards the woman. The woman should also be extremely responsible and mindful. The child also carries responsibility, and according to the Master, even the animals do. Everything is being written down, and everything carries responsibility. And there is no such thing as impunity.

So when does the soul come down? During conception or during birth?

The soul already participates in the process of birth.

Here is something else to note, something that the Master says. The woman doesn’t give birth to the child. The woman cannot create even one hair, not even a nail. She cannot create the eye… If the child is blind, she has no idea why they are blind, if the child is deaf, she doesn’t know why they are deaf. God created the child, the mother only gives the conditions through which the child can come on Earth.

So, the soul comes down gradually, but it doesn’t fully live in the child. The natural joy of the child, for example, is a sign from the soul. But the higher measure for the soul is exceptional striving for God. There are such children. For example the case with Bayazid Bastami, a sufi. By the way Sufis are three levels higher than the saints.

What does Bayazid say when he is five years old? “Mother, please release me from yourself. I want to devote my life to Allah.” A Persian wise man, incredible… And the mother replies… “I release you. Go and serve God.” And so he devotes his life…

Talking about souls, and going back to the topic on relationships – is there such a thing as soulmates? And is there a way to recognize a soulmate?

Souls, the Master says, have come out of God in couples, together. They rarely meet on Earth, I will tell you why. They would live in such unity, such oneness… They experience such level of completeness, there is also something much deeper than happiness. They are blissful. However, Earth is not the place even for bliss. Love has a deeper mission than bliss.

So, when people think they have found their soulmate – do they lie to themselves?

People mistake soulmates with half-soulmates. When they say a ‘soulmate’, they mean they feel this person very close to them. The higher soulmate is something else (if it is given to you in this world). If you meet them here on Earth, people would lose their development, their growth. Because they would be completely engulfed… This is a very deep kind of love. Bliss, completeness, even something more. Therefore, on Earth they may barely meet or touch each other, so that they give an impulse to each other. But usually, one soulmate is in the other world, and the other is on Earth.

But there is a case I know of, a woman I know shared with me her experience. She was having difficulties, a lot of people had rejected her, and she was given this experience, she experienced her soulmate. This was a real experience of her soulmate. This was a gift from God for her. This was an inspiration for her, her entire life. After this experience, no one could take away her striving. And I mean, by the end of her life. Because this is something exceptional. You need to have enormous merit in order to receive such a spiritual gift. And even if you deserve it, you may not be given such a gift, because this world is given so we develop high levels of spirituality (which can be achieved through experiencing hardships and difficulties, which help us grow).

And what would you say about the secret, silent love between two souls?

There are such deep experiences between souls… Experiences that have to do with spiritual love, the sacred love, and the Godly love… There, words are absolutely unnecessary. This is an experience that cannot be explained with words. On the other hand, it shouldn’t be explained, because it is so sacred… It has to all stay in this exchange (silent communication) happening between the souls.

I have told you that deep feelings are an element of nature. This is why the woman can give an impulse for a man, for deep growth.

In this respect, can we say that the human love between a man and a woman should become the path which leads to the higher levels of Love.

This is exactly right, but we are not talking about human love here, because there are no humans. In higher Love, in Truth itself, there is no human nature. We are talking about spiritual beings, awakened beings, a higher soul, pure spirit, and something deep in the spirit – the secret flame, which is even deeper. Therefore, we are talking about a deep type of mindfulness (consciousness). This can all happen in the human nature, but it doesn’t mean that it is human nature.

Let me tell you something about kids.

All right.

The mother only brings up the children, she doesn’t give birth to them. She cannot create neither a hair, not a nail, she is not the creator of the child. It is all a mystery of God.

Imagine that God sends to certain parents a child that is very much impaired (blind, deaf, etc.). I will explain to you the hidden beauty in this. If such a child is born in a family, the parents have old cruelty in them (from past lives), and God wants to make them milder. God wants to transform their cruelty. This is the hidden mercy of God. Even if people don’t understand it, this doesn’t matter…

So, this child can help his or her parents so much… So that in the next reincarnation…. Because for one life, you cannot reach the law ‘Be perfect as God is perfect.’ We all have a lot to learn.

So, back to the children… God gives birth to the child, the parents bring it up.

This means you have no right to instill your own ambitions into the child. You love the child, trust them, and give them freedom, so that he or she can walk on their own path.

Imagine Mozart… He was born to become a great musician, but his mother wants him to be a painter. She can interfere in his path, but then she will pay a high price for this. The child is going to get back to her, and other spirits, connected to the child will get back to the parents. The parents should not touch the authentic nature of their child. The child will show up the personality from their past.

Is there a way for parents to know what talents their child was born with? What they are meant to do in this life?

First, the parents themselves should work on their spiritual growth and educate themselves. There is no school for this. The only one that actually educates children, parents, wise people… is only God. If He doesn’t want to educate a person… no matter how many masters and teachers come together… They will not be able to influence him or her. A person should have a very deep and sincere yearning for knowledge and growth. This is when God will give the right circumstances… He will send a teacher, a master to help this person gain knowledge and wisdom.

Back to the children… Children are born, so that they bring the lost love of the mother.

Let me explain… In this world, most mothers don’t have direct love for God. They don’t see Him, don’t understand Him. If they are left childless, they may dishearten and go back in their development. This is why God gives children, so that the mother learns to love. All people should love something. The mother should love the child, so that she keeps this connection, so that one day she can come back to Love. If a woman doesn’t have a child she should have a dog, or something else – but there should be something that she deeply loves. When a person loves something, they nourish this connection to Love (the Godly Love).

The child is something beautiful. It allows the mother to develop such love, so that later she can devote herself to God so strongly that no one can stop her.

As we know most masters and spiritual teachers are celibate, they don’t have children. Is this an embodiment of their devotion to God?

No, people need to be extremely mindful. Whether a person will get married or not has been planted in past lives. The Master says… There are people, who must have children, and if they don’t want to… too bad for them (for their spiritual growth). And there are others, who shouldn’t have children, and if they want to, too bad for them as well.

Still, it is not so important whether you will have children or not, but whether you are devoting your life to God. Not to the child. First, to God, and then he has a way of helping you and the child in the right way.

The child always grows because it perceives. The old person doesn’t grow, because they don’t perceive (not open-minded, stuck in their old ways).

Children are a secret world. The child doesn’t need your philosophy, it needs your love and your trust. It is as simple as that. Save your philosophy for yourself. Give your love and your trust to the child. When they grow up, present them your philosophy, but don’t force it on them, because the child can have deeper wisdom than you.

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