Solving The Most Important Question in Life: The Secret Of God And The Single ONE Law We Must All Obey

Solving The Most Important Question in Life: The Secret Of God And The Single ONE Law We Must All Obey

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God is in everything unconditionally!

This is another interview with Eleazar Harash, exploring he topic of God, and how we can get closer to Him.

Let us start with a simple question. How should we perceive God? Some of us perceive God as an external being which has a form; others perceive God as something that pervades everything. Does God have one face or does He have many faces?

People may wish to perceive God, but there is no perception. He needs to give you a special experience of Himself, as a revelation. Then everything else disappears.

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In this experience that God gives you, there is no breathing, no thinking… The word ‘experience’ is very weak even. But when he allows you, and when he reveals something from Himself, then you gain a true understanding, and you completely devote your life. If you used to be striving, you become inspired. Everything changes. And this experience can be called the main purpose of life.

Whoever has gone through this cannot hate, cannot criticize, cannot be jealous, cannot make evil. Even microscopically small evil. This experience gives a different type of mindfulness. Everything changes.

Which was the reason for God to put us in a situation and an environment, where we need to walk this quite long evolutionary, mindful path of development, so that we can return to something that we used to have, but have lost. What is the reason that we have been put in this situation?

The main reason is that we wanted to create some sort of an individual life without God. However, this kind of life can never be a good one. When you try to create a life without God, there is nothing you can build on. Whatever you try to build, there is nothing there. Even if you are trying to do good deeds, if you do them without God, it will be punished.

Whatever you do, if you try to live a pure, moral life without God, in time you will see this was all fake. Which means that whatever you wish to build or create, it has to be done together with God, otherwise you will be disappointed. This is the measure.

Before we reach this revelation from God, which you are talking about… While we walk on this path… Which should be the light, or the hope that should be leading us?

The path involves constant, small daily efforts that never stop. It is the type of persistence that God gives you, and in time God grows in you through this persistence. Actually, God grows in us.

Today we will talk about The Secret Of God as presented by Master Beinsa Douno. The most important question in life. Because, the Master says, if you resolve this one question, all other questions are a consequence. Everything else then develops in the right way.

Love towards God outweighs all methods and techniques.

Some breathe, some meditate etc. Do those things as much as you want, but ask yourself – do you have, true, deep love towards God?

Life is a flow of God. Life only exists while God flows in you.

In its very deep meaning, life doesn’t have an origin, it didn’t originate. It has always been. It just flows (out of God).

God is a presence, the devil is an influence.

Wherever God is, there is no devil.

God never fully reveals His depth. Why? Because if he does, people won’t be able to love Him. It is too difficult to understand. They will not be able to handle this depth.

Those who don’t obey to God get misguided.

They get separated from God to see what life is without Him. They will then understand this is no life.

Every single thing that God has withdrawn from is doomed to a standstill and no development.

Even if a person thinks that they are involved in personal growth. This is all an illusion if God is not involved.

God is the phenomenon, everything else are just events.

Live in God, and there is no need to secure your life.

This is a God’s job. A job of the higher world. We cannot secure anything ourselves.

The foundation of life is not education, but love towards God.

Love is going back to God, while simply educating oneself is separating from God.

How can we nurture this love towards God?

Love needs to be explored, we need to pray that God helps you understand it better. We should also practice love, so that in time we can understand love better. If you are just quoting and trying to understand it as a concept, it won’t happen. But when you practice love, God will teach you in your heart what it is.

What is God? The Master says…

God is a light without shadows. Life without boundaries. Love without changes. Knowledge without mistakes. Freedom without boundaries.

Free will is a gift from God for becoming one with Him.

This is why we have free will. Not to do your own will.

Freedom was given, because it is god-like.

Otherwise we need to be simply servants, like angels. They don’t have free will. They want it, but they are not given it.

Don’t ask what God is, but what YOU are.

Now let me tell you something about Al Hadir. This is what he says.

To the ones who are truly devoted, God gives 4 gifts. This is extremely powerful! Here are what the gifts are:

  1. First, something that others don’t need to know about.
  2. We are talking about a sense of great completeness.
  3. Second, knowledge without education.
  4. Third, wealth without money.
  5. And fourth, joy, without company.

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For example, you, if you are left alone in a locked room, will you have this joy? It is a measure for high spirituality. It is extremely important. Because, some say, I would love it, but if I have books etc… No! No books – all by yourself. Are you going to have this sense of completeness?

Some wise man say that one of the main purposes of each of us, during our journey towards God is to transform negative energies and suffering into bliss.

Yes, usually only the wise man is successful in transforming these. Here, by the way let me tell you something else… The wise man is not a good man. They are not a good, not an evil man. They are Love. The wise man has gone beyond good and bad. There are real wise man who have gone beyond saints and beyond sin.

The Master says,

God is the first One we should love. There is no other more important than Him.

For example, if a person loves something else and puts God in second place, if they love their family, parents, country, they are going to lag behind in their spiritual growth. Because only God is, who has given the gift of life and the gift of growth. And we should first of all devote our life to God.

For many people, though, the term ‘God’ is something very abstract. How can they walk this path and seek Truth and Love, while their perception of God is extremely abstract?

Whoever gets to know God truthfully, they know Him in the details. Not in general things. This is why God rules even the coincidences. And if you observe, if you truly devote yourself to truth-loving and God, your mindfulness slowly starts seeing more in the invisible world.

Should I understand that since God is in the details and in the coincidences, He is wherever the most perfect things are?

Exactly. God is in the details, in the subtle things.

Some people say ‘God is everywhere’. The Master says, ‘God is everywhere, but only in the absolutely sensible life.’

Wherever there is crime, God isn’t. He has withdrawn. He still observes. But His power is withdrawn.

What is the logic for him to allow this bad environment, in which crimes are committed?

Bad environments are for stubborn spirits, for beings that have lagged behind in their spiritual evolution. They need to go through the experience, learn from it and then willingly return to God with their free will.

Let’s go on. The Master says,

The misunderstood God is your own destruction.

The whole universe is in God, while God is out of it. The universe is limited, God isn’t.

God is beyond all races and religions.

In order to live in the reality, you need to have formed it in yourself.

The more you become god-like, the more you move towards God.

If you want to know God, you need to become god.

Each person is a god in the making.

God isn’t present among the faithful ones, neither is He among the unfaithful. He is among the loving souls.

Even when you find Him, when he gives you this amazing revelation we are talking about, He still remains hidden.

God shows himself through Love, but it is not the greatest thing in life.

God is deeper than Love, but He created it, because it is accessible to the worlds and beings.

Because he is so great, he had to find a way to become accessible.

God has created love, so that he can get closer to the beings. Love is accessible and understandable.

God has two principles:

One of them is the God that contains love.

And the other one is the God that contains wisdom.

God occupies all the worlds and all the sun systems and there is still a part of him that hasn’t been manifested.

No one can free themselves from God’s look.

Let me explain. Imagine 10 miles away, an ant taking a right turn. God knows exactly why the ant turns right, and not left.

I am asking you – who can hide from this eye? Which crime can be hidden somewhere?

How do you know that God lives in a person? There are some signs. One of the signs is that a person becomes absolute master of their thoughts, feelings, and deeds.

Another sign – they love their enemies. He or she secretly sees the beauty in them.

If you don’t love your enemies, you have no right to talk about God.

In order to love your enemy, you maybe need to have a deeper understanding about the logic of things and how they happen? Or you should love them, so that you don’t poison yourself with your own hate.

The reason is all about having Love for God. If you love God, you see the enemy as a hidden friend. As a hidden god.

The enemy is God in disguise. He tests our depths.

And what about the people who put us in hard situations? Don’t they serve as a sacrifice in the hands of God, so that we can learn a valuable lesson and grow in God?

You said it perfectly right! They make a sacrifice for us, so that we become deep water. And God tests us through them in a very delicate, even torturing way, so that we become sons of God. Not just Christians

Does this mean that if we don’t understand this logic, that we should love our enemies, we are actually betraying God’s will?

Of course. You distance yourself from God. Anyone can love a friend. It is hard to love an enemy. However, the enemy is a hidden friend.

And does God have any enemies at all? If you are one with God…

Maybe the only enemy of God is the person themselves?

It is more correct to say, not the person themselves, but their negligence.

Moses has given 10 laws, Jesus has given 2, and The Master gives just one. The pure essence of everything. Just one sentence!

Love God more than you love yourself.

End. All other questions are consequences. This is the number one Law, the essence.

This means that love towards God is the absolute reality. If you love a person more than God, you will be disappointed in many ways.

No one has the right to love if they haven’t started loving God first.

Because God is who teaches you how to love.

If God removes evil from the universe – do you think you will remain there?

Because we criticize the devil, but often we act like him.

When you live with God, hardships don’t matter. God makes them light.

God is lightness.

To see God’s face means to obtain inspiration for your whole life and to find meaning in absolutely everything.

The wise man finds meaning in absolutely everything.

Seeing God means having knowledge from the fifth dimension.

Let me just clarify. This is not a spiritual dimension, it is a sacred one. It is the sacred.

Solving the questions lies in God’s inoculation in a person’s soul.

Then you have the revelation.

The deepest need in one’s life is the experience of God.

But this is something that He does. You have worked a lot, and when this revelation happens – it is God’s job.

One is the master in the world. Nothing in the world happens without His will.

It is not enough to love. You must become Love.

If you don’t become Love, God cannot save you.

When you go into the other world, no one asks for your religion. They ask whether you have Love, Wisdom, and Truth. This is the measure.

Isn’t it a contradiction that often we start acknowledging God only when something critical happens in our life, a great hardship or an obstacle that we must overcome? Including an illness, and accident, or a loss of a loved one?

First, there are no contradictions for the awakened person. Contradictions come from our mind. The mind is dual. Contradictions are tasks for the mind. But when we are talking about the real disciple… they don’t exist.

Something important from the Master:

Don’t strive for perfection. This is a wrong goal, because you will destroy yourselves. Only God is perfect. The goal is oneness with God. Which means continually growing closer to God.

Complete perfection is a closed door. The striving should be directed towards oneness with God.

If you don’t know God, you won’t be able to think rightfully.

There is only one will in the world – God’s will. There is no other will.

Not even for the moment, in the universe, in hell – there is no other will, but God’s will. God stands behind absolutely everything.

And even if it looks like there is another will (of the devil for example), this is still God’s hidden will.

Which means that everywhere, it is only God, who acts.

And if you criticize this will, in time you will fall into His darkness.

Because, as God has warned us ‘Do not judge, or you too will be judged.’

You don’t know the depths. Opinions are no wisdom.

Only God has the power to command to both the good and the evil.  

God needs people, who can bring His Love to the world.

Whoever loves God loses their human perceptions.

You cannot have human perceptions and try to get to know God. You need to part with them.

If you seek God externally, you will not find anything. First you need to dig deeply within yourself. To deeply penetrate into your own center. To get to know God from inside. Then you will start seeing Him in the right way everywhere.

So, can we say that God is not so much about faith, but more about knowledge?

First, and foremost finding God is about love and humble-wisdomness. And only then he forms himself into a person as real faith, which stems from Love and from the soul, not from the mind. And only then He becomes truthful knowledge. Deep knowledge. But only after the person has walked the path of Love.

I you know God, you cannot be an ordinary person.