There Is No Death! Groundbreaking Interview With Eleazar Harash On The Secret Of Death Part 2

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This is part Two of the interview with Eleazar Harash on the topic of death and our deceased ones.

Since the interview follows its own logical path, please review Part One here.

Whether one will live or die, this has nothing to do with a person’s own will. A whole team [of higher beings] is involved in resolving this question. The last word is on God. If God gives his approval, this is when the verdict takes place, and the angels of fate take care of the circumstances under which it should take place.

Death a result of the abnormal application of Love.

The good thoughts we send towards our deceased relatives are food for them.

So are prayers. This is energy. It is as if you are giving money to a love one in this world, in the material world. It is the same thing. In the other world, energy is equal to money.

The soul is alive. By sending good thoughts towards a loved one, who has passed away, you are helping their soul, and God decides when he will transform this soul in the other world.

A question to clarify. If a relative of ours has passed away 20 years ago, and he has already been reincarnated, and we keep sending good thoughts. Where do these thoughts go since he has already been reincarnated?

They accumulate into his soul. He brings them within himself. But whether he will be able to fully unfold them, depends on the so called righteousness. If he enters the righteousness, the Truth, these thoughts (the accumulated energy) slowly wake up. Just like the sun doesn’t come up all at once, but gradually. They surface to the person’s consciousness, and if the person loves God, these thoughts wake up, and they will serve God.

So, if the soul of the person, who has passed away is already living in another body, under new circumstances, then does part of this soul also stay in the invisible world?

There are two things to know here. First, when a person dies, they stay with the same character in the other world, but without the body. This is when the soul processes all of their experiences from their past lives. This is when the soul assimilates it all. However, there is not such growth as when the soul is living in a body here on Earth.

The Master says that in this world you can fix a mistake, a very bad habit, for example, for 20 years, whereas in the other world, it takes 200 years (unless you are highly advanced of course). So, here on Earth we are given a chance to grow.

Back to the point – when a person reincarnates, part of his soul is already in the body, however, not all of it. What is the sign that the whole soul is in a person’s body?

If he has  an exceptional striving for God. This is the sign. Striving comes from the soul, inspiration comes from the spirit. Ambition comes from the mind (brings trouble)… Yearning comes from the heart…

A very strong striving can break through the universe, the Atlants say. It is an extremely powerful thing… This is when the soul is in action. The higher soul.

A few minutes ago you gave an example that when the soul leaves the body, it is like someone leaving their house. However, is it possible that the soul lives in many ‘houses’? In parallel worlds?

The higher soul is something extremely broad, something extremely vast. It can enter many souls… all the souls that we love are part of this higher soul of ours. When a close one passes away, they are part of our higher soul, and we can go into their soul in order to help, we can enter ourselves, we can enter him or her, and we can enter the great soul of God, which is so enormous and deep, that even the gods are dazzled by it. Even gods don’t fully know the secret of the soul, let alone the angels.

Could we then say that when a loved one passes away, they give part of their soul to their relatives?

He or she supports everyone they have a connection with, in the same way they have been helping them in this world. That’s because they are a free soul, free wind… The person is free in this world, too… They can help both the living and the dead… It is all a matter of mindfulness… If you are mindful, it comes naturally to you to communicate with the deceased ones. But full mindfulness… this is super consciousness… This is the Spirit…

The dead ones not only live… they live a lot more intensely. They have huge opportunities to either help, or to cause a lot of trouble.

If they have been big enemies of yours, it is better that they stay in prison in this material world, because they can’t do much to you from there… They are in two prisons – the material prison, and their body, the other prison… Whereas, if the enemy gets killed… it can become an unleashed beast… Especially if they have a very dark will. Then he can, for example, enter a dog, bite the person, or even do worse things, just to pour out their hate… This can happen in many ways, through people, animals, etc…

But if you have very strong concentration, very strong prayer… They will come to you and then run away…

What about time? Do the souls of the deceased ones feel time differently?

There is no time there, because the mind is eliminated. The mind is the creation, the time, the illusion… The mind is eliminated there, it is even eliminated during sleep, because sleeping is partial death. This is why it is good to help people while they sleep. This is when the mind is not present, and the soul is more perceptive. The mind is a barrier to perception, it brings contradictions. So, when you send this person good and encouraging thoughts while they sleep, it is a very powerful technique to help them take their life into a completely new direction.

If in this world you didn’t have love for the Truth, in the other world, you will be imprisoned.

If love only lasts until death, this shows weakness of character. If you cannot keep loving a person after death…

When Love acts, there are no coincidences.

Birth and death are ruled by God and by the angels of fate. There are no coincidences, the coincidences are all planned.

A person dies not when he passes away to the other world, but when they sin and lie in this world.

Deep peace is life… Inner depths are life… Love is life…

If you kill your enemy, this doesn’t mean that you have released yourself from them. He or she can track you down in many ways.

Whoever lives in God passes away just on time. They don’t die, they pass away. They pass away consciously.

They can even say goodbye to their loved ones and relatives… There are such Dzen masters, Buddhist masters, who go into meditation and pass away fully conscious. In a natural, beautiful way.

Whoever doesn’t live by God, dies prematurely.

The Master also says…

I can doubt this world more than the other world. The other world is more real than the material world.

This city, these people… Tomorrow they can be gone… Only the things that cannot disappear, they are the real things.

The Spirit never disappears. And if you know the Spirit… nothing can kill you.

What happens with love during death?

The spiritual love, the sacred love, the Godly love cannot be touched by anything. It lives in death, it lives in life. Love is always life. Love gives life.

The deceased ones enter the living ones as easily as the wind does. Whether they realize it or not…

Some of your griefs and hardships are due to the deceased ones.

If too many deceased ones who have a connection with you enter your energy realm, you can feel very deep despair. You may think that this is your own despair, but it may actually not be so.

What about the various mental illnesses? Are they connected to such spirits?

All mental illnesses are spirits. This is why no medication helps. The more medication, the worse… The more prayers and aiming to purify one’s life as well as more natural medication, like herbs, the better. These things can provide relief, but still the person has to have some attitude towards the Truth.

For example, we have managed to help some drug addicts, while others, we couldn’t help.

So, the human’s body and soul are a terrain for a battle.

Yes, exactly. First of all, there are the spirits of the deceased ones… Some of them are very hard creatures, hard illnesses… Some of them even bring an incurable condition and pass it on to their living relatives. Sometimes you talk to a person, and if you are fully mindful, you will see you are actually talking to a spirit who has ‘obsessed’ them.

The Master also says…

Suicide is a process of degeneration. Whoever has committed suicide reincarnates into an animal. Because they have shown disrespect to the gift of life. They can also reincarnate with disabilities or big physical deformities.

In fact, a person lives in their consciousness, not in their body.

However, a crooked consciousness lives in a crooked journey…

There are some spirits who are not wanted on Earth, and not accepted in Heaven. These spirits are like ghosts, they are hooked in-between the two worlds. It’s a very pathetic condition, because no one wants them.

Our own bodies are the graves we are connected to. Sometimes we are tortured, because they are our prisons in a way.

In the other world, there are no men, no women, only souls.

I would rather doubt the existence of those who surround us, than the existence of God and Heaven,

the Master says.

The wise man sees both in this world and the other one.

When a person is in prison, they cannot do much. But when they go to the other world and have a strong will, they can become very dangerous, because they can use weaker people and souls to cause a lot of trouble.

Wherever there is a disaster to happen, this is where the angels of fate act. They bring together the people from all parts of the world, except those who have changed the direction of their life and have entered into the path of Truth.

I will give you an example when the Master Beinsa Douno wanted to give a lesson to his disciples. There was a man, who was about to die, and his relatives asked the Master to help. He cured him, and this person started getting into a lot of trouble, he basically created more bad karma on himself. Then he got sick again, and they called the Master again. Then he said ‘No, this time I am coming only to help him pass away to the other world.’ There is no point in living a bad life…

This was the only occasion when this happened, the Master wanted to give an example how some people should not be healed.

The angels of fate know who is destined for God’s wrath. They know the place, date, and time. They know in much detail how everything needs to happen.

The angels of fate have a lot of power to influence people and to bring them to the correct place of fate (where they meet their death).

People think that they can do whatever they want, but it is all written down in the invisible world. Absolutely everything.

Even the innocent ones have old faults. Even the saints.

I just want to say that all these topics we are covering are just an introduction. They are just the beginning. I am happy that there are people, who appreciate. I just recently heard about taxi drivers from London. A group of people, gathering together to watch the interviews. I would wholeheartedly wish to greet them – they inspire me to work for them.

I told you initially, I don’t like interviews, I even reject them, but the way you approached me, and the way I have been guided to do this…Now I have no choice… In a good way of course… Anyways

There are people, who shouldn’t die, but they need to be close to the disaster. It has been all thought out by the angels of fate.

There are others, who should be prevented to be in the place of the disaster (again, by the angels of fate). There are a lot of methods to do that.

For example, with a woman, who wanted to land a plane, but her dog runs away and she goes after him. The plane leaves off, then there is an accident, but the woman is saved. Many would say the dog saved her… It has all been set up by the angels of fate… This is an example of their strange ways and methods to set up the situations.

All those who have ripe karma will need to die, so that they don’t accumulate more bad karma in this life. This is the exceptional love of God. In every step we take, God acts. Because he is exceptional Love. Endless Love.

Invisible beings watch over each and every of a person’s actions and write it down. Even your thoughts and inner dialogues are written down and passed onto God.

So, can the thoughts themselves also be accumulated as sin and karma that affects our fate and death?

First, thoughts are deeds. The word is a deed inside of you. This is where your actions start from. When you do a wrongful act, it is a fruit of your thoughts and feelings, it is a result. The act is the final result. I am talking about the wrongful act.

I meant only thoughts that are in our consciousness.

They are still a deed. You do this in the mental world, in the inner world. You are still going to pay for them there. The act, you are going to repay in the material world as well. Repayment of karma may materialize in disease, health issues, especially lying.

The moment you tell a lie, you disturb the chemical balance in your blood. You will have both physical and mental problems you cannot avoid.

You are always going to pay for your bad thoughts and your wrongful acts. For your pure thoughts, and your pure words and deeds, there is nothing to repay. This is why a person, who speaks the truth doesn’t need to remember what they have said. They talk in front of God, they are mindful, and they don’t need to write down their mistakes.

At all times, everything is being watched and ‘written down’.

All earthly people become wandering shadows after death.

(earthly meaning people who live exclusively for and in the material world, people who don’t advance spiritually)

They are ghosts, who have no home in their soul. Because they don’t know themselves, they don’t know their higher soul. They have no love, no depth.

When his wife died, Chuan Tzu said:

“I am very happy that my wife died. My wife went to take a rest in the other world.”

Death is present in the core of life, in Truth itself. So that, whoever acts wrongfully towards the Truth can receive death. So that this death can teach him throughout the different lives. Until one returns to the Spirit. Again, this is the love of God.

Returning to the spirit is returning to the state of no death.

You cannot win over death with knowledge, but with wisdom and with immaculacy.

For the Toltecs, death is merging with the charm of freedom.

Immaculacy is a leap over the Universe.

Only the immaculacy leads to eternal life and only an immortal person can build real relationships.

For a person who loves, death is a covert temple.

If you believe that God lives in death, you are going to bloom.

Death is the spring of freedom.

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