The Secret Of Death Viewers’ Questions – Groundbreaking Interview With Eleazar Harash Part 3

The Secret Of Death Viewers’ Questions – Groundbreaking Interview With Eleazar Harash Part 3

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This last part of the interview is dedicated to the viewers’ questions. To see the topic on death (and the lack of it) unfolded in its fullness, please check out PART 1 and PART 2 of this interview.

Is it good for the soul to cremate the body and if yes – how long after the person has passed away?

Cremation, the burning of the body is a huge gift. Fire, which is part of the Spirit is a big purifier, and this cuts the connection with all attachments.

The best type of death, I can say, from my experience, from past reincarnations, it is to throw oneself into a volcano – in the end of their life, when they have completed their tasks here.

Back to the point – cremation is a big gift for the soul.

And the body has to be cremated on exactly the 4th day after death. Exactly. Forget everything else. The number 4 is related to the secret name of God, which has four letters. And the 4th day exactly is connected to Eternity and Mystery. This is why the body has to be cremated on the 4th day exactly. This is when the soul will be secretly double-blessed.

And if the body is left in a fridge chamber for too long, because of certain circumstances – does this torture the soul in one way or another?

This all depends on one’s consciousness and mindfulness. For the earthly person, there will always be anxiety. Such a person is driven from the mind only, and the mind is constant anxiety. So, anxiety is a constant process for earthly people. And it doesn’t matter whether the body will be in a grave or in a fridge… Such a person is anxious in the other world as well.

Why have the ancient Egyptians been mummifying the bodies if they knew that the soul would reincarnate into a new one?

I will tell you. This is a very special type of art. The mummies, and the figures they create, are prepared in a very special way – through a lot of special prayer and purification. They put a lot of love into this figure, and in the process, they put part of the soul of the person, who has passed away into the mummy, or into the figure. So, those who love the person can look at the figure and communicate with the soul of the person who has passed away in a special way – through this love. As I said, this is living art. Through creating the mummies the person, who has passed away can help his loved ones, especially if he is very advanced spiritually. This is a secret type of art.

Are there any signs that can show us how and where we will reincarnate in our next life?

Hmm… for the ordinary people as I told you… Let me give you and example… For example, a very lazy person, who has lived in Bulgaria… Very often such people are then being sent into the jungle, into the dessert, in harder living conditions… They need to move, to have difficulties, to do something. It is not a very easy task for God to put the lazy one into work.

But also there are other signs… For example, if you love a person very much, from a certain country, you ‘tune’ yourself into the idea of reincarnating in the very same place.

Where have we been in our past lives? All the countries that you love very much… For example, you love a couple of countries…. For me, this is Egypt, Russia… Egypt lives in me… Still, overall I love all nations, but especially I love their wisdom.

But what I mean is… the nations which you have a deeper love for… this is where you have had your successful reincarnations in your past lives… And the ones you don’t love so much, or the countries you don’t want to visit – this is where you’ve had unsuccessful reincarnations.

However… if you haven’t learned your lessons somewhere, if you haven’t completed your tasks there… They can still send you there in your next life. They will send the parents you are meant to live with there… At the same time, you may still travel to your current country in your next life, and this is when something magical happens. For example, you travel to a faraway destination, you meet someone, and immediately you feel like they are extremely close to your heart! This is no coincidence… This is a relationship from a past life…

This is why sometimes you meet someone and you trust them immediately, whereas in other cases you live with someone for 20 years, and still have no trust in them…

One of the things people are most interested in is whether we will reunite with our loved ones in our next life. Are there any signs and guarantees that we will be together again?

For example, I have a brother, who I respect… But he has no idea what I do, and he will never understand… In that case, why would I need to be reunited with him in the next life? Of course, if God decides, I would always help him… What I mean is that we will be around the people, who we love very much… But it still depends on the karma, which may be such that this other person is born in another country. You will still meet again! They will travel to your country, for example, and you will immediately get very close to each other, this will happen naturally… Because the angels come and remind oneself of the karma. So… you will meet everyone you have loved… and the ones you have hated… whether you want it or not, you will also need to meet…. So you can forgive each other.

Are there often interlacements between husband and wife, their kids…

Look what the Master says… In a family are born people, who are very close to each other, or very ancient enemies. Sometimes one of them is a dangerous enemy.

And even though we touched this subject… What happens to the souls of those who have taken their own life? Who have committed suicide?

One, they reincarnate into animals, because they have impinged the gift of life. Second, they may reincarnate degenerated… for the same reason. Third, they may reincarnate with no physical disabilities, but in a very hard mental state.

The Bible says Love is mighty as death – could you please bring clarity to the meaning of this metaphor?

Love is mighty as Freedom – another translation. And since death gives freedom, Love (in its higher form), gives Freedom. It is powerful as freedom. And powerful as the great responsibility. Therefore, Love has to be mighty in us, so that we can apply this verse.

Which is the one essential thing that death takes away from us? And which is the one essential thing that life gives us? Death is perceived to be something that doesn’t exist any more. Which is they most essential thing that stops existing.

The most beautiful thing about death is that it takes away the karma, so that you don’t keep accumulating more of it. And it takes away your ego. The ego itself is one’s death. The mind itself is one’s death. But if the mind is purified and put under control, it can be a very useful servant. This is a huge task, though. This is a task for those, who train Brahmacharya. One of the greatest teachings in the world is Brahmacharya – continence. This is the real fasting. Why would you abstain yourself from food if you don’t abstain yourself from bad thoughts, bad feelings, and bad deeds? The real fast is to abstain oneself from bad thoughts, bad feelings, bad deeds, and food.

The next viewer’s question is if a person can more or less know the reasons they have come on Earth for this life and to follow a path that will bring them to a certain type of ending.

For example, when someone has sacrificed themselves in a past life for you… Then you have a mission to repay them. It may be a sacrifice in a good way, or not so good way. But, this is a karmic debt that chains you. You need to be together, or close to each other.

Does a person repay bad karma of past generations? For example, the bad karma of their grandparents, etc.?

There are a lot of misconceptions on this questions, and it’s good that you ask. No such thing happens! No one carries the sins of other people. No one. Everyone carries their own sins only. But sometimes sins look a lot like each other… For example, a great musician reincarnates in the family of another great musician, and people think this is inherited. Everyone repays their own sins only.

What should we do with the clothes and belongings of those who have passed away? Should we use them, give them away or burn them?

The clothes need to be burned. You should only give away brand new clothes – never ones that have been worn.

Do all the rituals and gatherings help the deceased ones?

Great illusion! The only thing that can help the soul is someone who loves them deeply, spiritually. There is no distance for love.

The deceased one is a soul, they are consciousness, they are not in the coffin.

But for the ordinary people… For those with no spirituality… It is a bit harder… For a very long time they don’t know that they have passed away… They go to the same places as if alive, they talk to their relatives and don’t know why they don’t hear them. And it takes a while for the angels of death to convince them that they have passed away.

What should we do when we meet a deceased relative in our dream? What does this mean?

Sometimes, we wake up in an unusual time… 3 a.m. for example. Often, this is a visit from a soul from the other world. The Master says a soul close to us needs help. Then get up, and read to her something from the Word, something from the Bible, some sacred words, so that the soul can find some calm. They have come to you, because they love your soul, and they are looking for a consolation. This usually happens because the higher dimensions are not accepting them, and they feel bad in the lower dimensions… So they are looking for a consolation from people, who have been close to their soul. You need to accept them with love.

We know that after the death of our body, some realize what has happened, and others, like you mentioned, realize this later. Do we have the answers within ourselves, or is God going to answer the questions on the ignorance we have been growing up with and the temptations that have been guiding us?

The deep knowledge, the deep Kingdom of God is deep within ourselves. However, we need to make God reveal it to us with our own persistent, diligent, strong efforts.

God needs to allow us to walk on the path of self-knowledge and on the path towards God.

When one gets to know themselves as a soul and a spirit, they already know how to approach everything in life and death. If you haven’t reached that level, you need to pray… Or at least think good thoughts.

Earlier you mentioned that being a medium is a dangerous thing, but still there is a question if we can talk to our deceased relatives if we are not mediums. Does this happen through special prayer? Should we do this at all?

People should run away from this question. Those who are pure in a very deep level, those who have conquered all temptations, they have the right… Yet, even they avoid doing such things. Only under exceptional circumstances, but they are ones who know if God allows.

There is great danger that together with the deceased one another spirit with stronger will enters them. Then this spirit can obsess other people, tell them partial truths, and then deceive them. The Master says – the other world is full of traps that look like flowers. Only the wise (not saints) – those who have achieved Love and overgrown sainthood, God has given them secret wisdom –  they can, but usually they don’t want to… At least they know how to secretly help. Or they know the secret prayers, not the common ones… But they are a whole other measure…

So, people should not try to reach the deceased ones. They can send prayers. Whatever prayers they wish and love. Because the prayer always means help.

What about the ones who have passed away very suddenly? What can we do if we want to know a last wish they have?

In this case, a very strong, very persistent and diligent prayer can help. A prayer so diligent that it even surprises God. For example, I will give you a very good one, a pure one:

‘God, guard brother/sister {the name of the person} almightily and do the best for them, according to Your Will.’

God always knows what is the best for a soul.

Sometimes, the angels will enter the deceased one, get their last wish, and then bring it to the relatives. However, this rarely happens, because this usually costs the deceased one a lot of energy. But, as an exception, this can happen.

What is your opinion on trying to penetrate and read into the Akashic records? Are there dangers to us if we try to do that?

If the astral realm is full of dangers… The Akashic one is a higher dimension and even more dangerous. You can unwillingly reach knowledge you may not be ready for, and wrongfully take advantage of it. Knowledge one may not be worthy of.

In the end of our conversation on the secret of death… Give us some practical advice, when one of us loses a close one, a relative, what kind of thoughts should we send towards them in the first days after their death.

Of the type… ‘God, You be the peace of that soul.’ ‘God, You be the guard of that soul’.’ ‘God, You be the guide of that soul.’

This is more than enough.

But in the end, you should always say ‘According to Your Will.’ Because God always knows the measure and you don’t make karma this way. This is a very important addition.

Is there any chance for an ignorant person to receive some form of enlightenment just before their death?

There are a few types of ignorant people. There are the so-called absolute idiots. There is nothing you can do there. God will take care in other reincarnations. This is usually a person with very bad karma, because in their past lives, they have taken away the faith and hope of people. Even if such a person receives a form of enlightenment, they will not understand it – they will perceive it as a hallucination.

The greatest enemy of a person is ignorance. Still, there is an even greater enemy – not wanting to learn!

However, an ignorant person, who still wants to learn, can receive some form of enlightenment, in the form of relief. In the form of somehow becoming aware of God’s love towards their soul. Such type of ignorant person can receive this type of small spiritual gift.

Does everyone see their whole life like a movie in the moment of death?

Some are completely paralyzed and don’t see anything. And there is no point in them seeing it. Because they cannot give meaning to it. But in the other world, the angels will awaken them little by little.

Other people see something… While a person, who is mindful sees a lot of things, because they want to improve them. Such person wants to keep growing in their next life.

It all depends on the degree of consciousness.

In the moment of death, does the person see guardians, who come to help him or her?

The average person sees guardians, for the ordinary person, it is as if they fall asleep, and there are no dreams, nothing…

The spiritually advanced person sees their master, and God…

Such a person has devoted their life to them… He passes away consciously, and in the next life he continues at an even higher level of consciousness.

And if we have to end this conversation with a metaphor, or even with a dose of mystery… Is death more light, or is it more darkness?

For the wise man, death is a jump into freedom.

For the mindful, it is a jump into lightness.

For the master, it is a jump into God.

For the ordinary person, death is a jump into the astral world, into new restrictions, but slightly better ones. From iron chains, you go into golden ones… And you wait again…

This is a topic that will have a continuation…

Thank you very much for the interview…

I am grateful too.