How To Manifest Anything: One Forgotten Bible Law To Finally Feel Happy And Fulfilled

How To Manifest Anything: One Forgotten Bible Law To Finally Feel Happy And Fulfilled

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With today’s rise of ‘internet spirituality’ and the popularity of the Law Of Attraction, many of us have come to believe that anything is possible, provided you follow certain laws, rules, behaviors and beliefs. As a result, a lot of people’s lives become a constant struggle about how to most correctly perform these ‘rituals’ and become the type of person, who can attract abundance, health, happiness, a relationship, a house, etc. into their life.

There is a huge positive aspect to this, since more people realize that their behavior and thoughts has a direct impact on their material, mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, which of course leads to a constant striving for self-growth.

What happens, though, in the occasion when we DON’T get what we have been trying to manifest for months or maybe years?

Here is a missing branch in the whole concept, which causes a lot of frustration, bitterness, and possibly unnecessary ambition in many, who have set their mind into reaching that dream state they wish to be in.

Here I would like to quote a very wise thought given to me at a Laughter Therapy course I was attending:

“There are two cases in which you don’t get something: you either don’t want it enough, or you want it too much.”

What we forget in the whole process of manifesting material and spiritual abundance into our lives is the concept of SURRENDER.


When we manifest, we approach the whole idea with the belief that our thoughts, our behaviors and our beliefs will attract the thing we want to materialize, yet we forget that we are sending all these messages towards something a lot bigger, a lot wiser than us – we are sending those messages to GOD, who has already planned and provided for us.

We often forget that God has the correct timing for everything in our lives and as long as we are doing our best along the way, everything will turn out for good.

Now what happens if we manage to adopt this state of mind?

attract abundance

We immediately take this huge pressure off our shoulders. We immediately feel calmer, happier, more content, and confident that we are exactly where we need to be right now, rather than constantly being on the chase for a dream. The result? This state of mind immediately attracts and materializes whatever we have been craving for so long – taking off the pressure opens up the space into our life for the new energy to enter and create whatever we wish to manifest!

Here is what the great Master Beinsa Douno has to say about surrendering into God’s hands:

Solving The Most Important Question in Life: The Secret Of God And The Single ONE Law We Must All Obey

1. Until you surrender everything into God’s hands and stop thinking about what will happen with you, you will never be free of worry and anxiety.

2. The new life does not tolerate any worry, any anxiety. While you are full of worry, you cannot learn, you cannot grow. This is where the beauty of life actually lies – to stay calm and free of worry even when things are not going too well.

Whoever loves God should be ready for anything. What type of faith, what type of wisdom is that when one lives in constant discontent, fear, doubt, and anxiety? Real faith, real wisdom have no negativity in them.

3. The first spiritual task a person has is to be free from their inner fear. If someone complains that they have not become rich, strong, or good, this is due to their fear. Until you live in fear for the next day, you will always be in conflict with God – with the intelligent Nature. Take the fear out of you in order to live in harmony with the Universe and to be able to take advantage of God’s grace.

4. A person’s proper development depends on their good humor. The good disposal is a ticket. Without it, you cannot achieve anything. Your good temper determines how you will be greeted (by God, the Universe, etc.)

5. The good life requires an involvement from your consciousness. It is not a mechanical process. However, if you are not in good spirits, your consciousness does not work, and without it, one cannot achieve anything. One’s power lies in their good disposition.

“Good disposition” means that nothing tampers your higher deeds and strivings.

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6. To be good, this is in your soul’s best interest. Through the good you preserve yourself, including your whole organism. If you lose the good in yourself, you lose the conditions for eternal life.

7. The physical world is a world of change, therefore one gets stronger, then weaker. Many of the beings, living in the physical realm are of a lower degree of development, and as a result they get energy from the beings, which are above them. Whatever you do, you cannot free yourself from the influence of the lower world. Your salvation from this influence lies in your relationship with the intelligent higher world (God, angels, saints, etc), which will help you replenish your energies. (See these powerful protection prayers here)

8. Today’s era is an era of study and work. Today no entertainment is allowed. Whoever thinks of entertaining themselves will be paying a high price.

The world in which we live in goes through important changes. The old order will be changed into a new one – there will be New Heaven and New Earth. Every single person will undergo a change, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Whoever has deviated, will come back to the right path.

9. Once we enter the evolutionary way of life, one does not deviate from God’s path. They gain inner calm and peace. Even if something disturbs their peace, the person has a conscious about God, and strives towards Him.

10. Whoever thinks right can transform the energies of fear into a higher feeling: conscience. Conscience has to do with one’s mind. You cannot have conscience if you don’t think right.

Here is an amazing sermon by Joyce Meyer to further support this concept: