The Life Of Angels And How To Get In Touch With Them For Help Part One

The Life Of Angels And How To Get In Touch With Them Part One

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Exceptional secrets on the life of angels shared by Master Beinsa Douno. Learn how to get in touch with your guardian angel and how to always get help from Heaven!

The angels were created by God’s Light, not by God’s Mystery.

The fallen angels have lost this light and they were left with just the fire, but no Light.

The angels are creatures who were not given a body; they are out of the material world.

The angel’s heart was created by pure light.


Angels know just one art – devotion.

An angel is spiritual, but a man can become Godly.

An angel doesn’t have wishes – they have Love and serving.

The angels are creators of pure thoughts.


Angels create the pure, spiritual relationships between people.

Angels are invisible, but they can become visible too.

Angels pour their thoughts into a person’s soul.

With your uplifted mood, you go up to the angels, and you benefit from the energies, knowledge, and power of the angel world.

The light in the eyes comes from the angels.

“God, let the angel of inspiration visit me every day.”

An angel’s feeling equals 1000 human ones.

You cannot think rightfully, if you are not connected to the angels.

The light in the sun system comes from the angels.

When an angel talks to you, you gain deep peace.

Angels have a task from God, to help and assist people.


Love transforms human cells into angels’.

When a person works for God, they always have angels on their side, helping them.

All of your good moods are under the influence of the angels.

The angels are constantly talking to us.

Inspiration is a visit from angels.

To be often visited by angels – this depends on you.

Just think about angels, and they will visit you – thoughts are God’s power.

Good thoughts come from angels, who love you.

The angels’ voice always brings joy and peace.

In deep peace you will hear the voice of angels.

Whatever brings anxiety comes from the devil.

Angels have conquered all temptation.

You need to expand your consciousness, so that angels come and visit you.

Happiness begins at the kingdom of angels.

Listen to the heavenly voice, not the earthly one.

Whenever you think, feel, or act, make sure that angels approve of you.

If you were approved, you will know by the little joy inside of you.

You need to be pure, so that the Godly enters you.

If you live in purity, you will understand everything else.

If you enter the frequency of angels, you will learn wonderful things.

When you call on the angel, they come. If you don’t, the devil comes.

Angels are around us all the time. Just call on them.

Angels help and support only those, who trust God.

When you concentrate your thought, angels immediately come.

Each angel is millions of years old, and they are still young.

Each beautiful thought was whispered by an angel.

Your humility needs to be like the angels’.

Angels never strive to stand out.

Methods to get in touch with the angels:

  1. Thinking about the angels’ life:
  • Their benignity
  • Their power
  • Their influence
  • Their love
  • Their wisdom
  • Their truth
  • Their serving
  • Their humility etc.
  1. Love towards them. When you love a being, it will come to you. You create conditions to see it and talk to them.
  2. Loving connection – this type of connection has big influence. First, you need to meet your guardian angel.

Flowers represent a connection between people and angels.

Fragrance does not come from the flowers, but from the higher beings (angels).

The angels quietly walks by a person and gives them advice on what to do.

Angels live purely. When you live purely, all evil powers will run away from you.

Happiness is an angel’s quality.

The disciple wins when they call on the Heavenly powers.

If you have higher thoughts, you connect with higher beings.

If an angel looks at you – they transform you.

Angels bow towards love.

When an angel makes a mistake, he is not accepted back to Heaven for 10 000 years.

Angels know what God’s will is.

Angels don’t have the ability to say negative things.

When a human talks, it is like thunder, compared to the angel’s thought.

When angels talk, they spread light.

For angels, there is no death and no reincarnation.

Flowers are angel’s children.

Sometimes an angel inoculates into a person for 10-15-20 years and they work through them.

All angels gather around those with higher striving.

When an angel visits a person, they become an idealist.

Angels can heal with their thought from a distance.

Angels are constantly around us to help us.

You just adjust your brain’s frequency, and you connect with the angels.

An angel always responds.

A person is connected to the angels’ world through their nose and eyes.

If you have bright thoughts, you will be accepted by the angels.

Just ONE bad look can throw an angel out of heaven.

Angels only have positive thoughts.

Flowers represent the wonderful, silent life of angels.

Picking flowers is a death sentence.

An angel’s heart constantly springs with Life, Love, joy, and peace.

People live thanks to the angels’ impulse.

How can an angel insult someone when they have no insults in their language?

Collectively, angels represent heaven.

The pure ones don’t get involved with the impurity of others.

The pure one is always content.

The angels’ beauty comes from the inside.

When you live a silent and pure life, the angels will often visit you.

Angels don’t ever get sick.

The devil lives for himself, the angels live for others.