Eleazar Harash

Who is Eleazar Harash?

Who is Eleazar Harash?

Eleazar Harash is a mystic spirit, who is now living on Earth to help the souls with the spiritual shifts and transitions happening in these times and days. He accomplishes that through books, lectures, interviews, and his mere presence. Whoever has been around him can feel a unique uplifting in their soul and an inner zeal to strive for the Truth.

He is a disciple of the Master Beinsa Douno, has gone through Samadhi numerous times, and is in constant touch with the Master, spreading his word and following his guidance on how to help enlighten the souls, who are ready for this.

Eleazar Harash’s word is valid for all religions, races, and people of all backgrounds!

Though devoting his entire life to Master Beinsa Douno, who teaches Christianity in its authentic, purest form, Eleazar Harash values each and every religion, and every single spiritual movement, as one of the springs that all lead to ONE big ocean – God! This is why in his word you may see references to the Bible, as well as other sacred books and spiritual movements. He does not divide ‘bad’ from ‘good’, but rather lives in the Oneness that is, he lives with one God, and is totally devoted to helping seekers in their journey, as the ultimate goal is to become one with God and the Truth.

Eleazar’s word is sourced both from his connection to the Master and his teachings, and a huge number of sacred ancient books he constantly explores and takes the essence out of (he has mentioned reading over 80 books at once, while having gone through thousands in this life and his past reincarnations).

All the interviews are being translated from Bulgarian, and since he diverts himself from the topic many times, the essence is taken out and published as a post, while the video interview is embedded, so that you can feel his energy and vibe. When possible, videos with subtitles will be published as well.

I hope these interviews shed further light onto your spiritual journey and help you achieve a breakthrough in this life!

God bless you!