How To Use The Powerful Method Of The Color Rays Of Light To Profoundly Transform Your Life

How To Use The Powerful Method Of The Color Rays Of Light To Profoundly Transform Your Life

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The Master Beinsa Douno has given us a simple, yet extremely powerful method to strengthen and speed up our spiritual growth by using the vibration of the colors that are present in both nature and our daily lives.

I have personally experienced the amazing effect of this knowledge in my own life, and recently I felt a strong wave of inspiration to share it with as many people as possible, so that they can take advantage of it too!

By using the vibration of the different colors, we can, in an easy, yet miraculously powerful way bring more prosperity, health, abundance, and harmony into our lives! Once we learn to apply the colors properly, we will never look at things in the same way ever again! We will learn to use every single thing that comes to our vision as a powerful engine in our spiritual life.

Here is what this is all about, in the words the Master:

How To Use The Powerful Method Of The Color Rays Of Light To Profoundly Transform Your Life

‘The Word that I am about to give you is the pure Word of God, which has been passed, spoken, and tasted for thousands of years. These are scriptures from God’s Book, taken out, systemized and ordered in such a way that through careful and reverent reading, they produce all the colors needed for one’s spiritual growth in God’s Path.’

the testament of the color rays of light 1The Testament Of The Color Rays Of Light is a book that contains these scriptures, which are chosen and ordered in a way, so that they produce the specific color and vibration that helps one grow in the various virtues that God has given us.

‘I want us to create a powerful wave of these seven colors, because Jesus is close to the physical realm. All of these scriptures have been taken out under His guidance, and this is why, whenever you use them, God is going to help you. All of this is His Word, and whenever you use it, you are going to have power. But first, you have to be free from sin. Everyone is free to go out and try the karmic law, but for you I want to be and live under Jesus’ law.’

The first virtue you need to start with is compassion. Because Jesus is coming, his power will be seven times greater than in the past centuries, and therefore the progress of all humanity will be such, too.

The Green Color

Success depends on the green color; the green color also brings vitality. When you don’t have enough of the green color in your aura, you attract poverty and fatigue. However, if you have too much of the green vibration, you become stingy and greedy. This is when you need to balance it out with the red color.

It is also true that when we make the connection with the color rays of light, we boost our creativity.

Use the green color for growth, progress, abundance, vitality, relaxation, prosperity.

For example, you need money – use the green color. In the green color is the seed of growth and development. When we want to grow in every aspect of our life, we need to use this color in all of its nuances.

The Red Color

attract abundance

To open up your heat and acquire Love, apply the red color. It helps to attract love in your life.

The red color is also for health, cheerfulness, vitality.

If you are anemic, use the red color. If you have a child, who is anemic or often sick, use the vibration of the red color again.

The Blue Color

Use the blue color to strengthen your faith.

The blue color is used for faith, inner peace, tranquility, unity.

You can also use the blue color if you have spiritual mismatches in your family. It will restore the faith between you and bring you closer in your understanding of God.

The Yellow Color

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It represents wisdom. Use the yellow color to develop your mind, and gain knowledge more easily. It is especially useful for students, or to help your children, who have difficulties studying, or are about to apply for college.

Use the yellow color to enhance your memory, as well as to clear out certain misunderstandings between family members or friends.

The Orange Color

The orange color is the most powerful one for healing. Use the orange color if you are sick, or if you have a pain in certain part of the body.

The orange color is also used to enhance one’s creativity and individual strength. Use the orange color to achieve victory in every aspect of your life.

The Pink Color

Jesus lives in the pink color.

The pink color is used to attract beauty, gentleness, delicacy, warmth into your life.

Use the pink color whenever you need to bring back the peace into your life.

The Purple (violet) Color

The purple color stands for power.

Use it to regain your inner power and confidence.

The Amethyst Color

Use it to gain humility, gentleness, joy, perfection.

For purity, generosity, perfection, and protection from the dark forces, use the bright white color.

Use all the colors in their lighter nuances and they will help you to magically transform your life and keep a constant connection with God and the light spirits.

Use these colors to remain youthful, to powerfully heal yourself emotionally, spiritually, and physically, and to develop your virtues.

How to use the colors?

How To Use The Powerful Method Of The Color Rays Of Light To Profoundly Transform Your Life

The first and most powerful method is to read the scriptures (which are all scriptures from the Bible, taken out by the Master Beinsa Douno and ordered in a specific way, so that they produce the vibration of each color) in a deep, holy concentrated state. While you read the scriptures with your spine straight and your mind still, you imagine a shower of the specific ray of light coming from the sky and showering you with its light and healing power.

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The Master has also recommended for everyone to have a Crystal Suncatcher at home, so that they can often observe the colors of light. The more vivid the colors become into your mind, the more power your imagination will have, and the faster the results will manifest into your daily life.

To strengthen the power of the rays of light, and to get them vividly working for you throughout your day, you can use them in your clothes and accessories, which may serve as powerful reminders in your inner growth. I use this all the time! It has become a habit of mine to use a color when I am in need of something. For example, when I feel weak, or I am about to catch a cold, I start wearing the orange color, and I immediately feel how it strengthens me.

Also, as explained by The Master, each color is for a specific day of the week.

Green is for Monday. Except for reading the scriptures for the green ray of light on Monday, you can wear green jewelry and clothes, which will both strengthen the vibration of this color, but also be a constant reminder for you to:

  1. Take 5-min. breaks throughout the day, imagining the green color showering you with its light.
  2. Your clothes and accessories can remind you to repeat your short prayer or affirmation, connected with that specific color’s meaning. For example, green is for bringing abundance and prosperity into your life, so you can strengthen the power of the scriptures by repeating a short prayer on prosperity throughout the day, and wearing clothes and jewelry that will strengthen the vibration and power of the ray of light, which belongs to the day.

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More by the Master on the Rays Of Light:

How To Use The Powerful Method Of The Color Rays Of Light To Profoundly Transform Your Life

“All controversy comes from the lack of colors (light). For example, if someone hates, they are lacking the red color in their vibrational frequency.

Let us use the Light, because everything depends on it. The Light is needed for life, and through life we will use all the colors. Then the seven spirits will come together, and we will go back to God, the initial source. This is why Jesus came to teach us.

Now Jesus wants us to use these colors in a very simple way. For example, one of you hates someone else. They need to use the red color, which will bring them Love. However, we need to know how to use the scriptures and the colors. Now Jesus wants to teach us in this simple way to unite things and to take advantage of them. All the good spirits come from the Light – the spirits of God. They come in the morning, and at night, they go back to God. All of your thoughts and wishes are taken into account, and at night, the Heaven knows whether you need to get or to give. This is how we need to understand Jesus’ teaching:

Jesus blows, and this has turned into Light, and the Light – into Life.

The dark red color draws activity. In spiritual life, we always need to seed something, and only then will we receive. Every day we need to use the opportunities, because very often God’s qualities can come to life. And Jesus has come to teach us this simple way of applying the color rays for our ease. He came into this world to bring new Light, to illuminate people’s minds, who owe Him all the enlightenment.

The number 7 is everywhere, and it is always a Godly number. The Bible is a book, which may seem a bit chaotic, but we have no other like it. Because it contains all the colors, which are presented in the Testament Of The Color Rays Of Light. Some people say ‘I cannot love’, but when we give them the red color, we can see that their condition changes. This explains the fact that when we use the colors and we read this book, all of our yearnings get satisfied in a miraculous way.

Now comes a Golden area in which we will all start to live. Once we realize all these truths, we will re-establish the harmony between us. Because it is no secret, some people carry the vibration of colors, which we cannot stand. In the very same way many people run away from Jesus, because His Light shows them their weak spots. And there is no need to be afraid of Jesus, because he is our friend.

Everything seems to us chaotic, rough, and meaningless, this is why we need to start from the visible to the invisible. Often people ask me about the astral body. I wish to ask them – do they understand the physical body, and if they don’t understand the physical body well enough, how can they get to know the astral one? We have everything in our physical body, and we shouldn’t want to get rid of it. And the Spiritual body, which is now in the making should use everything that is being given to it. The physical body is connected to the physical realm and it is the key – through the body we enter the visible Nature, so we can take advantage of it.

No one should enter into a controversy with their body, no matter how it looks like!

Someone says ‘I am stupid’, but give them the yellow color, and you will see that they will become smarter.

With these scriptures and colors, we can work on our hearts. For example, what does fear mean? Fear means a lack of the orange color.

These scriptures from the Bible are the Rays of Light and we are going to use them. We will start from the mind towards the body – this is Jesus’ law. And the spirit will teach you and reveal to you the deeper things in life, which are not being told, but given directly by Him [into your soul].

Because the most important things from the Bible are hidden in nature and into our soul, which is one Godly Treasure.

And I repeat, Life by itself is simple, and we can gain it.

We should all open the window of our soul, so that Light can enter and illuminate it. These are the things Jesus wants to balance out; this is how the rays of light will make us free.

Some of you are rich in the red color, while others are lacking it. The red color is a symbol of Love, which carries certain vibrations. All other colors are build on Love.

When Jesus is with us, we must not be afraid. If he is not the main frequency in our life, other things will replace Him. All of our actions should often be aligned by the main tone of the red color – by the tone of Love. Yes, Love is a color, but whoever hasn’t seen it, doesn’t know and cannot know what Love is.

What is Faith?

It is the guide of those, who sin. But when we come into agreement with God, we walk in light, and then we will get to know the pink color, in which Jesus lives. Jesus is who waits to show us the principles, which are guiding life itself, and which are of true importance to us.

What is most important for us is to find the main frequency in which all spirits live, and then there will be no separation. (this can be achieved by applying the Testament Of The Color Rays Of Light).  Sacrifice is what is needed from us – we need to sacrifice our mind, our body, our heart. The heart, the mind, and the body, these are treasures given to us by God. When we don’t have this treasure, we feel emptiness and apathy.

This is now given to everyone, who wants to work on their soul and apply God’s word.

Jesus wants you to apply his Word, and this is the first lesson that He is giving you. However, you need to be careful, and free of sin, because otherwise, the power of this method will have the opposite effect – it will serve as a curse.

Jesus is giving you a very simple method, and you should apply it by all means.

The yogis, for example, have a very complicated method. A method so simple as Jesus is giving you, you will not find anywhere else, because the last door is Jesus Christ.

God is among us – He hears us, He finds joy in us, and He loves us!

It is not me, who is giving you this method, it is Jesus, this is why you must think of His Love, which you must see in every face.

The Blue Color

Is the spirit of Truth. People are not yet ready for the blue color, and only when they get into trouble, they seek the blue color. Only the blue color can give us the meaning of beauty, and whoever values beauty likes the blue color. However, you cannot have bad feelings and expect to become beautiful. In order to be beautiful, you need to have the most honorable of thoughts.

Why do we suffer in this world? Because we rely on people, who are like us, volatile. And when we rely on God, He will order his servants, who will do His will. Whoever doesn’t have enough faith must use the blue color.

Then we have the purple color.

It stands for the salvation of humanity. The power comes from the purple color. The purple color stands for kindness, and without this color one cannot be gentle and kind. Humbleness and honor can also be developed through the purple color.

The amethyst color is The Spirit Of Bliss.

It has higher vibrations than the purple color, and it is also a color of humility. Joy is a fruit of the amethyst color. Sainthood also belongs to it. And when the amethyst color overcomes in us, it will bring the five senses into peace, which are otherwise in constant controversy.

These are secrets that have been known for thousands of years, but today’s society has been left behind when it comes to its spiritual growth. However, each culture will change and today’s culture is preparing the future of a better one. This is why we must not think this world is bad – when it comes to God, it is all for good. When it comes to us, while we are trying to grow, these is both good and bad. But we must not make a compromise – we should either choose the side of good, or the side of evil. In the end, God is going to make peace between these two principles – good and evil, but how this will happen is a great secret no one knows.

Each color contains in itself a great meaning, and this is why I want you to understand the spirit of things. The soul and the heart are one world; the mind is the atmosphere of the heart, and this is why God says ‘Give me your heart.’ When you see a color, you should not have a critical mind. In order to be happy, we need to be mindful and grateful, because everything follows certain laws, so that there is no controversy.

In the physical realm the sky represents the superconscious, the earth – the conscious, the sea – the subconscious.

When you come into harmony with all these scriptures and colors, you will gain a new power, and you will start applying it for good.

In the book are given special instructions which color is for which day, so you know how to correctly apply the method.

Monday – green; Tuesday – red; Wednesday – yellow; Thursday – blue; Friday – pink or sky blue; Saturday – purple (violet); Sunday – orange.

When you want to help loved ones and family, you can again apply the colors. When we want to help someone, who suffers with their finances, we will use all the scriptures for the green color, and all the Beings responsible for this vibration are going to help.

When you want to help someone, who is suffering with their health, you are going to use all the scriptures for the orange color.

When you have an argument with someone, you are going to use the yellow color and all the scriptures, which are for Wisdom.

If you would like to solve a religious question or issue, you are going to use all the scriptures for the blue color. Then the spirit of Truth is going to shed light on the minds of those, who argue.

When you are not doing God’s Will, you are taking a negative stance, because in Heaven there is no controversy, no arguments.

The best, most natural colors you can find in the rainbow, this is why you should observe it – there you will find the five main colors.

If you are feeling discomfort and gloominess before starting the exercise, apply the scriptures for the pink color. Most of all, you should re-establish you peace, and only then can you act.

This method is the method of Christ, and its results will be wonderful, even though it looks very simple. Using this method, we will establish harmony between us, and we will connect with the spirits of the White Brotherhood that have always been helping us.’

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