Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno is one of the greatest Masters and spirits who have lived on Earth.

He is said to be at the highest level of mystical masters, as his teachings involve all realms of spirituality (rather than focusing on only one aspect of the Truth like Love, Wisdom, etc.).

In a Swiss interview, Einstein once said:

“Everyone bows to me, and I bow to the great Master Beinsa Douno from Bulgaria.”

The various components in the Teaching of Master Beinsa Douno are set out and designed in about 7000 lectures of his, provided in the interval of 1900-1944. They were released in several series: lectures held to the General Class, lectures held to the Special Class, Sunday lectures, Annual Meeting lectures, Morning lectures etc.

The Master started his movement with three followers, and these progressively grew to thousands.

“I am beyond time and space.
Only my body is with you.
Have you seen me? Do you know me?
My life manifests in a Higher Dimension.”

It is best to get to know the Master by studying his word, part of which will be published here on this site little by little, and through the interviews with his disciple Eleazar Harash. Still, if you wish to learn more about his life and teachings please click here and here.